Volkswagen Type 3 Parts

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VW Type 3 Parts

VW Type 3 parts from M&T Manufacturing offer a wide range of options for restoring or customizing your VW Type 3 vehicle. From mechanical components to body parts, M&T Manufacturing has everything you need to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly and looking its best. Our catalog features hard-to-find parts, such as engine seals, brake pads, and interior trim pieces. We also offer a variety of VW Type 3 body parts, including fenders, hoods, and bumpers. With M&T Manufacturing's high-quality and affordable parts, you can easily maintain or upgrade your beloved VW Type 3 for years to come.

We are pleased to offer parts for the Volkswagen Type 3. The Type 3 includes the VW Fastback, VW Notchback and the VW Squareback. The VW Type 3 was introduced in 1961. The VW Type 3 appears in some numbers in the USA in 1963 and sold vigorously by 1966 There are three types of Type 3; the first two released were the Volkswagen Notchback and the Volkswagen Variant, which is also known as the VW Squareback. The Volkswagen Fastback was released later in 1965.

The Volkswagen Type 3 was introduced to expand the successful Volkswagen product range. The Type 3 was designed as a classier car while using much of the engineering from the Type 1. The Volkswagen Type 3 line was not available for sale in the United States through Volkswagen of America until 1966, when the Squareback and Fastback were added to their line-up.

A little over 2.5 million Volkswagen (VW) Type threes were produced until production for the Type 3 ended in Wolfsburg in 1973.

We are adding VW Type 3 parts as they are made as good reproductions or as we import them from Europe. The Type 3 site will have guaranteed up to date VW Type 3 parts pricing as posted.

The most authentic VW Type 3 upholstery (Type 3 seat covers, Type 3 door panels, Type 3 carpets, Type 3 sun visors and also accessories are manufactured by TMI. We are please to have been a TMI distributor since they "opened their doors." If selecting VW Type 3 upholstery products you may get a good picture of fabric and colors but you may also send us an email and request swatches of Type 3 upholstery fabrics.

Type 3 Variant (Squareback)

Type 3 Notchback

Type 3 Fastback

Volkswagen Parts for over 40 Years

We have been providing Volkswagen restorers with parts for their classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Volkswagen Vanagon, VW Rabbit, VW Cabriolet, and VW Thing as well as the VW Type 3 since 1974. We have more than forty years in the Volkswagen restoration business! We originated in upholstery and convertible top parts but added VW sedan, body, glass, rubber and other parts.

We still operate the shop where we manufacture the convertible wood top bows for classic air cooled Volkswagen Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertibles nearly forty years after we began. Our main building is a restored ice house in southern Rhode Island. We have added separate warehouses, efficiently linked via our data base of parts for air cooled and water cooled Volkswagen sedans and Volkswagen convertibles. Ordering your Volkswagen Type 3 parts is secure: we do not store customer data on our site. We transfer it to an internal system inaccessible on the internet as soon as we begin processing the order ! We are also happy to help you with your VW Type 3 parts needs via telephone. You may reach us Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 Eastern time. As we provide thorough service there are times when our five phone lines get tied up. Please be patient or try emailing us. Our parts questions are answered three times per day.

Although the Volkswagen (VW) Corporation abandoned its air cooled VW line after 1979, the later water cooled cars, like the Rabbit convertible and VW Cabriolets retained design and engineering quality that helped make the classic Volkswagens special. The Rabbits and Volkswagen Cabriolets are restoration worthy convertibles and sedans. Their restoration became popular and we added parts for those cars to our Volkswagen parts line.

Ordering Volkswagen (VW) Parts Online

VW restorers can be confident of a high rate of "in stock" availability of parts for their vintage Volkswagens. Our service to the Volkswagen parts shoppers has been our hallmark since we started operating.

After years distributing our paper catalogs we created our Volkswagen parts on line ordering site in the nineties. This enables us to keep thing current on a daily basis and to communicate effectively with Volkswagen shops, Volkswagen owners and restorers.

Safety and Service

The classic Volkswagen owners and restorers have 'old fashioned' attitudes. We do too. On line ordering safety is assured. While you place a VW part order on line your information will go back and forth via encrypted data. Of course we invite Volkswagen and Karmann Ghia parts shoppers to call or email for 'off line' service too. After order completion the order is quickly processed and data, such as credit card information and customer email addresses is removed to an off line system in our office.

The Checkout Message

Your online VW Type 3 parts order entry will end with an opportunity to leave us a message. We read and respond to these quickly and thoroughly.

Volkswagen Support and Information

If you have any questions about your Volkswagen or about parts for it, please address them to our support email address (( where it will be directed to the most knowledgeable staff member to attend to it.

This is a site for classic Volkswagen enthusiasts. Parts warranty information, Volkswagen restoration tips, and other information is just a click or two away if you care to navigate through our on line VW store.

M & T Mfg has been and still is proud to offer all of these parts and many more for your Volkswagen for over 35 years!

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Classic Volkswagen Type 3 parts for the following years: 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973 and 1974