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OEM Style 7 Piece Tool Kit with Bag

This all-in-one tool kit includes the following:

  • Bag
  • 19/21mm Hex Wrench (Spark Plug/Lug)
  • 10/13mm wrench
  • Pliers Tommy Bar
  • Reversable Screwdriver
  • Hub Cap Tool
  • Recommended for Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing

VW Type 3
Part #: 111-012-023

Installation Supplies

Installation Supplies

3M Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5oz Tube
Build out or caulk under your rubber seals.
Repairs cracks in seals.
Insure against leakage.
VW Type 3

Part #: mmm08008
Arrow Fastener PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun


VW Type 3
Part #: PT-50
Seat Cover Tool Kit: Hog Rings and Pliers

These hog rings and pliers make installing seat covers a cinch. Recommended for all Volkswagen vehicles.

VW Type 3
Part #: 43-4410
Spray Adhesive, Headliner, Seat Cover, or Carpet Spray Glue.
12oz can

All carpet, seat covers, headliner, or dash installations.
VW Type 3
Part #: TMI-34-9102
ARROW RIVET TOOL KIT RL100 rivet tool is built to last Durable all-steel construction with a - comfortable hi-vis vinyl grip Spring loaded handle makes for easy loading Includes two interchangeable nose pieces & - 25 ea. 1/8" & 3/16" medium aluminum rivets Includes custom molded case for easy storage and 50 of our two most popular rivets 25 each of 1/8 medium rivet and 25 each of 3/16 medium rivets.
VW Type 3
Part #: RL100K

Battery Cables

Battery Cables

Battery Kill Switch

All VW Beetle and Super Beetle
All Karmann Ghia
All VW Bus
All VW Thing
All VW Type 3
VW Type 3



Axle nut removal tool. For 46mm.

VW Bus 1963-79

VW Type 3
Part #: 5749
Heavy Duty Scissor Jack, Maximum 1 Ton
VW Type 3
Part #: 98-0109-B
12 point hex socket tool
for cv joint removal/install
8mm, 3/8" drive

All VWs

Note: an occasional cv is 6 point.

VW Type 3
Part #: 5796
Distributor Drive Gear Puller Or Installer For Vw Air-cooled Engine
Easily Installs Or Removes Distributor Drive Gears Quality Tool For Any Vw Mechanic A Must For Any Engine Builder
VW Type 3
Part #: 5717
Oil Pump Puller for Air Cooled VW Engines

Works On 6mm Or 8mm Oil Pump Bodies
VW Type 3
Part #: 5002
VW Bench Mount Engine Stand, Classic Volkswagen Bug Bus Ghia Type 3 Mounts to work bench
Features swivel head. Use for holding engines or transmissions
1 5/8" male tube that slides into mount
VW Type 3
Part #: 5001
Window Seal Rope in Tool

For window installation; 6M cord

VW Type 3
Part #: N-001
Bench Mount Head Assembly Tool
VW Type 3
Part #: 5742
Crankshaft Gear Puller - A professional quality tool will solve the problem of removing the crankshaft timing gear- a gear which must be removed when an engine is rebuilt and the main bearings are changed. In operation this tool simply slips under the gear and with a wrench or impact gun the gear is easily removed. The highest quality standards are used in the construction of this tool for years of service for the do-it-yourself or the professional. Fits all 12-1600cc Beetle style engines- does not fit the larger 17-2000cc type 4 engines. Note DO NOT FORGET to remove the snap ring on the end of the crankshaft before using this puller as this is a sure way to ruin this gear puller and void your warranty.
VW Type 3
Part #: 5714
Deluxe Flywheel Main Seal Tool For Vw Bug / Vw Beetle 1600CC Based Air-cooled Engines. Provides Proper And Even Pressure On The Flywheel Main Seal During Install.
VW Type 3
Part #: 5774
Heavy Duty Floor Dolly Features Heavy Gauge Steel For Strength And 4 Industrial Swivel Casters For Stability. Roll-A-Round Engine Stand Allows Easy Engine Installation With Floor Jack For Vw Bug / Vw Beetle 1600CC Air Cooled Engines.
VW Type 3
Part #: 5005-E
Helping Hand Gland Nut And Axle Nut Assist Tool For Classic Vw Bug / Volkswagen Beetle. Helps Tighten Or Loosen Hi-Torqued Volkswagen Bug Axle Nuts And Gland Nuts By Holding The Brake Drum Or Flywheel Steady. Works With 6 Volt And 12 Volt Flywheels. Works With Vw 4 X 130mm Lug Bolt Pattern And Vw 5 X 205mm Lug Bolt Pattern Brake Drums/Rotors.
VW Type 3
Part #: 5750
VW Type 3
Part #: SMOOTH-M
VW Crank & Flywheel Jig 8 Pin Positioning Tool mounts to the flywheel or crankshaft and aligns them for drilling 4 additional dowel pin holes. The jig includes hardware to mount to either the crank or the flywheel to ensure a proper pattern is drilled. The jig can be used on all 200mm flywheels and 1300cc and larger Type 1 based cranks.
VW Type 3
Part #: 5004
VW Valve Guide Installer Tool. The Pilot On This Tool Holds The Valve Guide In The Correct Location While It Is Pressed Into The Cylinder Head.
VW Type 3
Part #: 5763

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