Volkswagen Type 3 Air Cooling


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3-Piece Heater Channel Kit, Black

For all 1300-1600cc VW engines with heater boxes.

Directs the air coming from between the heads and cylinders
towards the back of engine.

VW Type 3
Part #: 8948
3-Piece Heater Channel Kit, Chrome

For all 1300-1600cc VW engines.

Fit below the cylinder heads and push rod tubes. Channels the hot air
from the fan shroud to under the car and out back. Also protects push
rod tubes from debris.

VW Type 3
Part #: 8949
EARLY Cylinder Head Tins PAIR
(Single Port Shrouds), Black

Installed between push rod tubes and cylinders
air is forced directly to the cylinder
enabling best running temperature.

VW Beetle 1963-70
VW Bus 1963-70
VW Karmann Ghia 1963-70
VW Type 3 1964-70
VW Type 3
Part #: 8867-9

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