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Classic VW Parts

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If you’re looking for the premier place to get classic VW parts, turn to M&T Manufacturing. And why should you do this? Because we have been providing Volkswagen (VW) restorers with parts for their classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Volkswagen Vanagon, VW Rabbit, VW Cabriolet, VW Thing and Volkswagen Type 3 since 1975. We have nearly forty years in the Volkswagen restoration business! We originated in Volkswagen upholstery and convertible top parts but added VW sedan, body, glass, rubber and other vintage Volkswagen parts

We still operate the shop where we manufacture the convertible wood top bows for classic air cooled Volkswagen (VW) Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertibles nearly forty years after we began. Our main building is a restored ice house in southern Rhode Island. We have added separate warehouses, efficiently linked via our data base of parts for air cooled and water cooled Volkswagen sedans and Volkswagen convertibles.

Volkswagen (VW) Convertibles and Sedans:

When we started making Volkswagen (VW) convertible wood top bows the demand for quality VW restoration led us to establish relationships with all Volkswagen parts manufacturers and importers. We came to develop a full line of replacement parts for the classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, and VW Thing.

We developed meaningful relationships with hundreds of professional and home Volkswagen restorers. The community of Volkswagen (VW) restoration shops and private VW restorers has been invaluable in testing parts, helping us to locate special VW sources for parts and to securing help for all our Volkswagen (VW) owner friends and customers. We care about these relationships and want to ensure they last for years.

Air Cooled and Water Cooled Volkswagens:

Although the Volkswagen (VW) Corporation abandoned its air cooled VW line after 1979, the later water cooled cars, like the Rabbit convertible and VW Cabriolets retained design and engineering quality that helped make the classic Volkswagens special. The Rabbits and Volkswagen (VW) Cabriolets are restoration worthy convertibles and sedans. Their restoration became popular and we added parts for those cars to our Volkswagen parts line.

Ordering Volkswagen (VW) Parts Online:

VW restorers can be confident of a high rate of "in stock" availability of parts for their vintage Volkswagens. Our service to the Volkswagen parts shoppers has been our hallmark since we started operating. When you browse our classic VW parts selection, you can feel assured that we’ll have the part in stock. Nobody wants to wait months for what they need.

Safety and Service:

The classic Volkswagen owners and restorers have 'old fashioned' attitudes. We do too. Online ordering safety is assured. When you place a VW part order online your information will go back and forth via encrypted data. Personal data, including credit card information, is wiped out and placed on a separate internal PC so that no personal information can possibly be stolen. Of course, we invite Volkswagen (VW) and Karmann Ghia parts shoppers to call or email for 'offline' service too.

The Checkout Message:

Your online parts order entry will end with an opportunity to leave us a message. We read and respond to these quickly and thoroughly.

Volkswagen (VW) Support and Information:

If you have any questions about your Volkswagen (VW) or about parts for it, please address them to our support email address (support@mtmfg.com) where it will be directed to the most knowledgeable staff member to attend to it.

This is a site for classic Volkswagen (VW) enthusiasts. Parts warranty information, Volkswagen restoration tips, and other information is just a click or two away if you care to navigate through our online classic VW parts’ store.

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