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VW Beetle Seat Covers

VW Beetle Seat Covers and VW Beetle Seat Frames

VW Beetle seat frames for the classic air cooled Beetle must be obtained from a parts car. On our site you will see illustrations of VW Beetle seat covers showing their style and appearance. You can use the pictures to determine which year Beetle seat frames will apply to your own Beetle and select the appropriate VW Beetle or VW Super Beetle seat covers. You can install any seat frame into a classic VW Beetle but modification might have to be made to the seat track if you do not install an original Beetle seat frame. If you do install non-original VW seat frames and corresponding non-original VW Beetle seat covers then make note of this with the car for the sake of future seat cover purchases.

Structure of VW Beetle Seats

If you go to the illustration on top of our VW Beetle seat cushion page you will see the construction of the seat including the springs at the bottom of the seat frame. VW Beetle seat springs may be replaced with locally available seat springs (from any upholstery supply source.)So can the sisal padding (seat webbing) which can replace webbing which sits on the springs in the Beetle seat bottom. This is all illustrated on the VW Beetle seat cushion page.

Beetle Seat cushions

The different Beetle seat frames require different cushions in order to shape the seat for the application of the appropriate seat covers. Beetle seat cushions, properly made, replace original horsehair batting found in earlier VW Beetle seats. We carry the properly shaped foam cushions which go over the seat webbing. These allow confident application of the VW Beetle seat covers. We carry seat headrest cushions as well as the molded seat cushions found in later Beetle front bucket seats. We offer the under seat cover cushions, sisal, head rest covers and installation instructions for do-it-yourself Volkswagen VW Beetle seat rebuilding.

VW Beetle Seat Covers

We are the largest eastern TMI Products distributor. TMI makes the most authentic fabric Beetle seat covers in all original Volkswagen Beetle seat configurations. Beetle seat cover installation is a straightforward process. Our seat covers come with hog ring plyers, hog rings and information allowing the restorer to apply new Beetle seat covers to the rebuilt or else intact Beetle seat frame and interior Beetle seat padding (cushions.)

We provide helpful service and will gladly send you VW Beetle seat original color swatches if you cannot with certainty select from our scanned Beetle seat fabrics. Just send a note to our support email requesting the colors and style (smooth, basket weave, square weave, etc.) and we will mail out your Beetle seat cover fabric swatches.

Before Installing Beetle Seat Frames

We urge the careful examination of the floor pans and their seat pedestal tracks before working on your Beetle seats. We carry Beetle under seat parts, floor pan seat tracks, etc. and other related parts that are Beetle seat accessories (slides, knobs, etc.)

Our Service

We have provided the Beetle restorer with Beetle parts for forty three years. Since 1974 we have occupied the same premises and the service for Beetle owners is rendered by the same family that started this business back then ! We do urge patience and care in selecting your VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle seat cover fabrics, Beetle seat under cover items and the use of our seat cover instructions installing them. That said we will emphasize that full restoration of your Beetle seats is within the ability of any handy, patient person.

Good luck with your Beetle restoration, in particular the VW interior and seat covers.

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