Volkswagen Beetle Seat Covers: Convertible, Rear Only

Shown is a 1975 interior with basketweave vinyl seats.
While basketweave is the most economical (and durable) fabric
(due to the volume of production)
many other choices are available for your Beetle seat covers.

Seat covers are made by TMI, the VW Upholstery leading supplier.
All seat covers are custom made and require an average of 12-14 weeks to ship.

Please be certain of fabric and color choice.
We cannot process returns based on color dissatisfaction.

We are happy to send swatches (support mailbox bottom of page.)


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Installation Supplies

Installation Supplies

1" Thick Foam Padding (28" x 72")
VW Beetle
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Part #: 43-4412
Seat Cover Tool Kit: Hog Rings and Pliers

These hog rings and pliers make installing seat covers a cinch. Recommended for all Volkswagen vehicles.

VW Beetle
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Part #: 43-4410



Illustrated Step by Step Instructions for Restoring Classic VW Seats, This covers removal, rebuilding, re-covering and reinstallation of seats and head rests. The process is virtually identical for all of the air coooled VWs. This booklet shows you how to do a complete seat overhaul for front and rear seats.
VW Beetle
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Rear Only Seat Upholstery, Bug Convertible

Rear Only Seat Upholstery, Bug Convertible

1954-64 Bug Convertible Original Seat Upholstery, Rear Only

Part #: 43-1312
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