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Volkswagen Wood Bows


We offer wood bows, also known as tacking forms, for the VW Beetle (a.k.a. the VW Bug) and Karmann Ghia. These bows are essentials in installing a Volkswagen convertible top. Our tack strips are sold as individual parts: You can buy a header bow, a rear top bow, a rear base and side pieces individually; or you can buy a special Wood Bow Package, which includes them all for one price. We make and stock our bows in house, so we can ship them quickly.

Plastic Bows or Wood Bows?

Unlike plastic bows, real wood bows will accept stapling without the risk of chipping and cracking. We strongly recommend the wood bow over the plastic (sometimes called "wood replacement bows").

We use only the best industrial grade cascamite marine glues in our bows. We have made these bows since 1974, and because we are a commercial factory, we have access to the appropriate industrial adhesives.

Our Volkswagen convertible top bows are made with the highest grade, kiln-dried hardwoods. This wood helps insure that these bows for the VW Bug and Karmann Ghia are durable and flawless.

We utilize modern industrial vacuum pressing for lamination wherever feasible (such as in the highly curved rear top bows and window inserts) where structural integrity will be compromised with 'home workshop' methods and materials.

Perfect Fits for Your Convertible Top

We make bows to fit your Volkswagen Beetle or Karmann Ghia. We have chassis clips in our shop. Every bow we make is test fitted to the proper chassis section. This insures minimal 'fuss' when you install your wood top bow.

In Stock!

Our shop is in operation every day making bows for classic convertibles from VW to Rolls Royce. We maintain an inventory of bows and can ship very quickly.

Buy A Package and Save!

We offer comprehensive bow packages, which include header bow, rear top bow, rear base, side pieces, and a wrap-around hoop bow for one price.

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About Us

M & T Mfg has proudly served Volkswagen owners for more than 35 years! We have been providing Volkswagen restorers with parts for their classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Volkswagen Vanagon, VW Rabbit, VW Cabriolet, and VW Thing since 1974. We have nearly forty years in the Volkswagen restoration business! We originated in upholstery and convertible top parts but added VW sedan, body, glass, rubber and other parts. We still operate the shop where we manufacture the convertible wood top bows for classic air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertibles nearly forty years after we began. Our main building is a restored icehouse in southern Rhode Island. We have added separate warehouses, efficiently linked via our database of parts for air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagen sedans and Volkswagen convertibles. When we started making Volkswagen convertible wood top bows the demand for quality VW restoration led us to establish relationships with all Volkswagen parts manufacturers and importers. We came to develop a full line of replacement parts for the classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, and VW Thing. We developed relationships with hundreds of professional and home Volkswagen restorers. The community of Volkswagen restoration shops and private VW restorers has been invaluable in testing parts, helping us to locate special VW sources for parts and to securing help for our Volkswagen owner friends and customers.

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