Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Top Wood Bows 1968-72

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Wood Bow Packages

Wood Bow Packages

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1968-1971 VW Beetle and Super Beetles Convertible Top Wood Bow Package

Includes the following parts:

VW Beetle
Part #: BOWPACK-68-71
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1972 VW Super Beetle Convertible Top Wood Bow Package

This complete convertible top package includes:

VW Beetle
Part #: BOWPACK-72

Wood Bows

Wood Bows

Rear Window Frame Insert
Four Pieces, Wood

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertibles 1964-mid 1975

Your chassis number should be 1552012217 or lower.

Note:Inserts take the shape of the rear window steel frame.
If your steel frame is distorted then when it is stapled into
the back of the top it will be mismatched with
the glass window. We strongly recommend either a careful
reshaping of your steel rear window frame, or the use of a
new rigid unit which we offer that will minimize
any grief associated with the installation of the rear window glass.

VW Beetle
Part #: WR4P
Wood (not plastic) Front (Header) Bow.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible 68-72

VW Beetle
Part #: FBOW
Wood (not plastic) Rear Top Bow (Above Rear Window Bow.)

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible 65-71

VW Beetle
Part #: RT3-BOW
Wood (not plastic) Rear Top Bow (Above Rear Window Bow.)

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible 72-79

VW Beetle
Part #: RT4
Wood (not plastic) Rear Base Line Tacking Bow Set.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible 67-71

VW Beetle
Part #: BB3
Wood (not plastic) Quarter Side Tack Rails (Bolt to Frame.)

VW Beetle Convertible 61-71

VW Beetle
Part #: QSP
Wood (not plastic) Pair of Inner Side Quarter Tack Pieces.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible 61-71

VW Beetle
Part #: ISP

Complete Frame: Steel + Wood

Complete Frame: Steel + Wood

Integrated (complete) rear window framework.
Steel frame with bonded wood insert.
Rigid assembly, ready to staple into new top.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle convertibles 1964-mid 1975.

1975 owners, please read note top of "rear window parts" page.
All restorers: Please read restoration advice on "rear window parts" page near bottom.

VW Beetle
Part #: MP201

Complete Rear Window Packages

Complete Rear Window Packages

A Complete Convertible Rear Window Package consisting of:
Rear window glass without defroster
Unitized rigid steel and wood framework ready to install
Rear window seal.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible 1964-MID75.

Take the trouble out of installing the rear window into the new top.
Eliminate mismatched components (rear window glass, seal and
rear window framework) with this complete package as a discount


If your car chassis number is 1552012218 or higher
then your convertible rear window glass will be
mid 1975 and later. If your chassis number is lower
then your window glass should be chosen for mid 1975 and earlier.

VW Beetle

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Important Information
Plastic vs Wood: The real wood bows will accept the stapling without the risk of chipping and cracking that plastic bows have. We strongly recommend the wood bow over the plastic (sometimes called "wood replacement bows" !!)

Wood, Glues, etc.: We use only the best industrial grade cascamite marine glues in our bows. We have made these bows since 1974 (our wood shop is nearly 40 years running) and because we are a commercial factory, we have access to the appropriate industial adhesives, etc.

We use kiln dried highest graded hardwoods for durability and defect free wood.

Trial Fitting: We have chassis clips in our shop. Every bow we make is test fitted to the proper chassis section. This insures a minimum of 'fuss' when you install your wood top bow.

In Stock: Our shop is in operation every day making bows for classic convertibles from VW to Rolls Royce. We maintain an inventory of bows and can almost always ship very quickly.

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