For: Volkswagen Beetle Seat Covers: Two Fabrics. Convertible (Full Sets)
1956-64 Convertible, Full Set, Front and Rear. Any Color/Fabric Combination

This is high-quality replacement seat upholstery, not slip-on covers. You must take the seat frames out of the car to install these Beetle seat covers. 

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Part #: 44-1322
Here are 8 of Our Most Popular Color Combos Requested!

1.) Black Velour Trim With Grey Inserts (#51 and 56)

2.) Smooth Black Vinyl Trim With Grey Velour Inserts (#11 and 56)

3.) Smooth Black Vinyl Trim With Black Velour Inserts (#11 and 51)

4.) Smooth Brown Vinyl Trim With Beige Velour Inserts (#12 and 54)

5.) Smooth Beige Vinyl Trim With Beige Regal Velour Inserts (#14 and R5)

6.) Smooth Charcoal Grey Vinyl Trim With Charcoal Grey Velour Inserts (#21 and 61)

7.) Smooth Blue Vinyl Trim and Blue Velour Inserts (#18 and 58)

8.) Burgundy Velour Trim With Burgundy/Black Regal Velour Inserts ($59 and R4)