For: Volkswagen Rabbit/Cabriolet Convertible Tops and Packages: Late-2001 and 2002 Cabrio & Golf IV
Original material Cabrio Vinyl Convertible Top with Integrated Glass Rear Window with Defroster
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These Cabrios are descended from the Rabbits, Cabriolets and earlier Cabrios manufactured since 1979 and modified as the years went by. Volkswagen made changes in order to "upscale" these convertibles. In particular they offered a canvas fabric for its dealer convertible top for 2001 and 2002, in addition to vinyl tops.

Original Topping: The dealer tops were often made of Sonnendeck (Twillfast) Canvas. This is a very durable and beautiful fabric featured on several German roadsters. For many owners, especially those considering self-installation, putting on a Cabrio Vinyl top might be more cost effective. We offer these tops in Sonnendeck Canvas and in Cabrio vinyl.

Original Colors: The dealer canvas tops were either black, green, or dark blue (with rare exceptions).
Cabrio vinyl tops were black, beige, gray and white.

Select Your Fabric:
The tops are manufactured as original, from original patterns, with correct detailing and structural aspects throughout.

We also offer a plastic rear window version for this top. The dealer replacement top has a defroster rear window installed in the top, as original. The plastic rear window top uses a 40 guage polyvinyl rear window instead.

Hold Down Cables: Installation of the new top requires the insertion of VW cables through the side cable hems of the top. The cable ends attach to the framework and tie down the top fore and aft. If your top has not frequently been raised and lowered, it may be feasible to re-use the existing cables. New cables are listed at "Convertible Top Cables."

Headliner: The headliner (inner roof lining) may be re-used in a top restoration job. We offer the replacement beige cloth headliner which is the original color. We also offer black and gray cloth headliners for this cabrio. Please go to "Headliners."