For: Volkswagen Rabbit/Cabriolet Convertible Tops, 1979-94, Package Specials
A.) PACKAGE SPECIAL 1: Install Pack with 1979-94 Volkswagen Cabriolet, Cabrio Vinyl Convertible Top
  • Package Includes:
  • Cabrio Vinyl Convertible Top
  • All 3 Convertible Top Cables (2 side hold down cables, 1 rear cable with sheath as original)
  • 12-Page Convertible Top Instruction Manual
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Part #: TOPRC-PKG1..
Installing this top yourself? Read this first: The VW Rabbit and VW Cabriolet convertible top is installed as the last step of the convertible top installation. The opening for the window must not have been pre-cut. When you install your Volkswagen Rabbit or Volkswagen Cabriolet convertible top you want the back to be attached, with its rear attachment cable, so that the Rabbit or Cabriolet top rear window can be installed, per our convertible top install manual, with the fabric taut when you start. This guarantees that the rear section is under proper tension before the convertible top window opening is cut. The opening is easy to mark and cut per our instructions. Some do-it-yourself installers will take their completed top to a glass shop to have the window installed into the frame.

The original Rabbit and VW Cabriolet convertible top fabric is 'Cabrio Vinyl'.Our premium, original replacement top is of the highest quality featuring original 'rain guide' seams, reinforced heat sealed quarter sections, heavy duty welting.

VW Rabbit convertibles made before 1984 originally had a pinpoint vinyl convertible top. However the later year Cabrio Vinyl tops will fit perfectly because they have the identical geometrical layout and the later convertible top fabric is more elegant.

When replacing a VW Cabriolet soft top decisions must be made about replacing the following items:
convertible top inner padding, the headliner, convertible top hold down side cables, and the convertible top rear attachment cable. The little plastic corner caps which cover the ends of the convertible top rear cable can often be reused; but we offer new convertible top corner caps separately.

Our convertible top packages for the Rabbit and Cabriolet include what should be utilized in a new convertible top installation. We feature the smaller packages with just the new convertible top and the cables and larger top packages which also include the convertible top pads, convertible headliner, etc.

The headliner, if not dirty or torn, can be removed and reinstalled under a new VW convertible top.

The special Volkswagen convertible top padding can often be re-used. We have the now traditional foam rubber convertible top pad kits but also, when we can import it, offer the synthetic horsehair version of the Volkswagen Rabbit or Cabriolet pad kits. The synthetic horsehair VW top pads are considered slightly superior.

We do recommend all new convertible top hold down cables with each top. The side cable springs can usually be reused; but new springs for your soft top cables are available.

Please select a rear top attachment cable with the original hard plastic sheath. The rear convertible top hold down cable can be pushed into its channel much more easily with the original hard sheath. Cheap cables can result in damage to the convertible top.

We also offer a canvas version for every Volkswagen Rabbit or Cabriolet top replacement. Canvas convertible top fabric is used on most Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and late model Saab tops. It is not original, but it is the longest lasting (maximum wear rating) of all convertible fabrics.

Our installation manual for this VW convertible top has been used by hundreds of do-it-yourself installers. We do offer the convertible top install DVD. However, we believe that the printed convertible top manual has more detail and explanations and it is geare more for workshop use.

A patient, handy person, who can use either an air driven staple gun, or our heavy duty electric staple gun should be able to do a professional quality installation of the VW Rabbit or VW Cabriolet convertble top.