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Volkswagen Rabbit/Cabriolet Convertible Tops, 1979-94

Key Features:

  • Quality: Made to Volkswagen Specs, 100% fit guarantee.
  • Original Configuration:One piece top.
  • Original Factory Material: Cabrio vinyl.
  • Original Window: Glass window, you will re-use your original.
  • Original Colors: Beige, Black, Dark Blue, Mazda Tan, Saddle and White.
  • Alternate Materials: Premium Haartz stayfast canvas.
  • Shop with confidence: 5 year manufacturer warranty.

Convertible Tops
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1979-94 Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible Top in Cabrio Vinyl. And Installation Manual.
Please note that the side and rear top hold down cables
the headliner, and the pads under the top may be required.
Convertible top package specials are on another page,
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet

Part #: TOPRC

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1979-94 Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible Top in Haartz Stayfast Canvas.
Please note that the top hold down cables, headliner and the
padding under the top may be required. We list convertible top
packages on anothe page.
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet

Part #: TOPRC-SF

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Pair of Side Top Attachment Cables and Original (with Hard Sheath)
Configuration Rear Attachment Cable.
Set of All Three Convertible Top Cables.

1979-94 Rabbit or Cabriolet.
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
-- -- -- $68.95

Installation Supplies
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1980-1993 Cabriolet/Rabbit Convertible Top Installation DVD

Not sure if you can install your own Cabriolet or Rabbit convertible top? Watch someone else do it and see if you're up for the task. The DVD is not quite as explanatory as the manual but is a good guide.

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: DVD-RAB-CAB-80-93
-- -- -- $30.95
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet Convertible Top Install Pack!
These essentials tools will help make your convertible top installation a snap!
Package Includes:
  • Professional grade contact cement
  • Convertible Top Pry Tool
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
-- -- -- $22.95
Guide to Installing 1979-94 Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible Tops.
Available, free of charge, exclusively with convertible top purchase.
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
-- -- -- No Charge!

Wind Deflector
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I.) 1978-93 Volkswagen Cabriolet, Convertible Top Wind Deflector:

  • The simple goal is to help you enjoy your convertible even more with less wind blast and more fun. Our wind deflectors are designed specifically for your convertible, and are proven to decrease the back draft by up to 75%.
  • Below is the Time, Difficulty and Tools required for the first installation, after that the wind deflector goes in and out of your car in under One Minute.

  • Fast, easy and painless to install.
  • Drive Your Convertible with the top down more.
  • Enjoy Listening to the radio or have a conversation.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 1 year warranty.

Wind Deflector Testimonials
Part #: WD-78-93-VW
-- -- -- $274.95

Rubber Seals
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Rear Window Seal, Rabbit/Cabriolet

VW Rabbit Convertible and VW Cabriolet 79-94

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: 155-8451
-- -- -- $56.95

  Description Color Price Buy!
Rear Corner Caps. Hide Rear Cable End Studs.
These are Black
We also offer white caps which
can be sprayed any color.

VW Rabbit and VW Cabriolet 79-94

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: 155-413A
-- -- -- $30.95
Rear Corner Caps. Hide Rear Cable End Studs.
White, can be sprayed any color.

VW Rabbit and VW Cabriolet 79-94

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: 155-413A-WH
-- -- -- $30.95
Guide to Installing 1979-94 Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible Tops.
Will be included free in top packages.
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
-- -- -- $15.00

Important Information
Installing this top yourself? Read this first: These tops should be installed without the window having been pre-cut. This guarantees that the rear section is under proper tension before the window opening is cut. The opening is easy to mark and cut per our instructions. Some do-it-yourself installers will take their completed top to a glass shop to have the window installed into the frame.

The original Rabbit and VW Cabriolet convertible top fabric is 'Cabrio Vinyl'.Our premium, original replacement top is of the highest quality featuring original 'rain guide' seams, reinforced heat sealed quarter sections, heavy duty welting.

Rabbit convertibles made before 1984 originally had pinpoint vinyl tops. However the later year Cabrio Vinyl tops will fit perfectly because they have the identical geometrical layout. But the later tops have superior construction details.

When replacing a Cabriolet top decisions must be made about replacing the following items:
padding, headliner, side cables, rear attachment cables and the little plastic caps at the rear corners of the top.
Because you will be investing in labor you should consider replacing the headliner when doing the top if it is torn or if you believe it is too dirty.

The padding can often be re-used. This decision must be made upon examination of the old padding. Synthetic German horsehair padding is superior to foam rubber pad kits.

We also recommend all new cables with each top. Please select a rear attachment cable with the original hard plastic sheath. Cheap cables can result in damage to the top.

The little plastic rear corner caps can be added at any time. They hide the ends of the studs on the rear attachment cable.

We also offer a canvas version of this top. Canvas topping is used on most Mercedes, BMW, Porsche and late model Saab tops. It is not original, but it is the longest lasting (maximum wear rating) of all convertible fabrics.

Restoration Tip

The installation instructions listed on this page should enable a handy, patient person to install his/her own top at significant savings.

The work involves gluing, stapling and some "pop" rivet work. There is no sewing.

The transfer of the window involves "roping in" the glass with its seal and can be farmed out to a "glass shop" if necessary.

Many of our customers have performed this restoration themselves.

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