For: Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Top Package Specials
1968-79 Beetle Budget Convertible Top Package
Black Pinpoint Vinyl
Top Has Built In Plastic Rear Window

This package eliminates the padding, headliner, and glass rear window

Package includes:
  • Convertible top with plastic rear window
  • Set of all required convertible top hold down cables
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Pinpoint Vinyl: Black on Black - #1042ST

Our "TOPPAK" Beetle or Super Beetle convertible top package consists of the following:

  • Premium quality VW Beetle (or Super Beetle) convertible top,
  • All of the required convertible top attachment cables,
  • The convertible top padding set,
  • Original fabric convertible headliner,
  • The set of six convertible top frame roof-rail rubber seals,
  • The convertible top to windshield seal
  • The 24 page Volkwwagen convertible top and headliner installation booklet.

This convertible top restoration package contains all of the parts (besides the wood bows) that should be "on hand" for a complete top restoration (until the end of the job when the rear window is installed.)

We urge you to look at or convertible top rear window restoration tip on this page. But also please visit our convertible top rear window page to look at parts etc. for restoring or replacing the convertible rear window.

Your Beetle convertible wood top bows should be evaluated after the old convertible top is removed from the top frame.

Other parts that may be needed such as rubber wedges, hinge covers, bow cover plates, etc. can be obtained after the TOPPAK convertible package parts are installed.

We recommend the "TOPPAK" for any full Beetle convertible top restoration.

However, if it is known that the headliner and padding will be re-used, from the existing top, then just the convertible top and the top hold down cables may be purchased.

We would be happy to configure a Beetle convertible top package to your own needs. If the convertible top packages on this page do not suit your purposes, please either fax or email us a list of the parts you need for your own convertible top restoration. Or give us a call at 800-999-2892 (mon-fri 9 to 5 eastern time.) This can include the convertible wood top bows, etc. We will provide you with a quotation for your own Beetle convertible top restoration package.