Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Top Cables

Side Hold Down Cables: All VW Beetle and Super Beetle convertibles have side hold down cables. They are embedded in the top's side hems. A spring is attached on one end of each cable using the crimp "cups" provided with our cables. Or, we provide the cables with pre-attached stainless-steel springs. Often the old spring is reusable.

Rear Attachment Cable: The rear attachment cable was introduced in the middle of 1967. It holds the rear lower ridge of the top down to the body of the car. Our rear attachment cables have stainless steel studs and nuts.

All of our convertible top cables are American-made. 


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Side Tension (Hold Down) Cables for Convertible Top, Pair
These cables must be replaced
when doing a new top. These
are attached to the original springs
if the springs are still good.
We also list the cables with attached new springs.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle convertibles, all
VW Rabbits and Cabriolets 1979-1994
VW Karmann Ghia convertibles, all

Part #: 155-971A
Side Tension (Hold Down) Cables with Attached Springs for Convertible Top, Pair

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle convertibles, all
VW Karmann Ghia convertibles, all
VW Rabbit Convertibles and Cabriolets 79-94

Part #: 155-971A-SP
Rear Base Line Top Attachment Cable
Holds Back of Convertible Top to Body
American made with stainless steel studs

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Convertible mid67-79

Note: this cable is laid over the rear base welting of the convertible top.
An improvised "spatula"  is carefully pushed downward on the cable, lowering the
back of the top into the attachment channel. The nuts on the studs are
tightened as you work. The tightening of the studs is not done to pull
down on the top. Make certain you have clear directions when doing this work !

Part #: 151-957



VW Side Tension Cable Springs,Pair.
Attach to the side hold down cables with crimp cups provided with our cables.
Note: we also provide cables with springs already attached.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle convertibles, all
VW Rabbit and Cabriolet convertibles 1979-1994
VW Karmann Ghia convertibles, all

Part #: 155-953A

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