Volkswagen Thing Brake Wheel Cylinders

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Front Cylinders

Front Cylinders

Brake Wheel Cylinder, TRW Brazil. Front
With bleeder valve and dust cap

VW Beetle 1958-77 (Standards) From Chassis#1673411 on
VW Karmann Ghia 1958-66  From Chassis# 1673411 on
VW Thing 73-74
Part #: 113-611-057B
Front Brake Wheel Cylinder
With bleeder valve and dust cap.

VW Standard Beetle 1965-77
VW Karmann Ghia 1965-66
VW Thing 1973-74
Part #: 131-611-057

Rear Cylinders

Rear Cylinders

Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder.
With bleeder valve and dust cap.

VW Beetle 1968-77
VW Super Beetle convertible 1971-79
VW Karmann Ghia 1967-74
VW Thing 1973-74

Part #: 113-611-053BGR
Rear Brake Wheel Cylinder
TRW Brazil.
With Bleeder Valve and Dust Cap

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle 1968-79
VW Karmann Ghia 1968-74
VW Thing 1973-74     Beginning with chassis# 1832346525

Part #: 113-611-053B



Bolt, Various Applications

Hand Brake Cable Retaining Clamp to Plate
Front or Rear One Bolt Wheel Cylinders
Transmission Mount
Brake and Clutch Pedal stop 58-79 VWs

Part #: N102387
Spring Washer
Prevents generator or alternator bolt from loosening

Also goes in emergency brake anchor pin
(Wave Washer for Under Alternator/Generator Nut)

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle 56-79
VW Karmann Ghia 56-74
VW Bus 56-79
VW Type 3 62-73
VW Thing 73-74

Part #: N122282



Boots for Master Cylinder Switches
Pair of Boots
Modern American Designed Boot for all 2 or 3 Prong Switches

VW Beetle 56-79
VW Super Beetle, all
VW Karmann Ghia 56-74
VW Bus 67-79
VW Thing 73-74
VW Type 3 62-74

Part #: 411-539

Rubber Parts

Rubber Parts

Boot for Brake Master Cylinder Plunger
For all VW models 1953-79
Part #: 113-195
Rubber Plugs for Brake Backing Plate
Dust Plugs. Set of 8. Covers two plates.

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle 68-79
VW Karmann Ghia 68-74
VW Bus 74-79
VW Type 3 72-73
VW Thing 73-74

These plugs insert into the adjusting holes on the rear of the
brake backing plates and prevent debris from entering
the brake drums or brake shoes.

Part #: 113-609-163

Bleeder Valves

Bleeder Valves

Brake Bleeder Valve Cap.
This will work on all wheel cylinders

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle
VW Bus
VW Karmann Ghia
VW Type 3
VW Thing
VW Vanagon.

Part #: 211-611-483
Front and Rear Brake Bleeder Valve; 6 by 28 mm

VW Beetle and Super Beetle 1958-79 (front and rear)
VW Karmann Ghia 1958-66 front
VW Karmann Ghia 1958-74 rear
VW Bus rear 1950-79
VW Vanagon rear 1980-91
VW Type 3 rear 1962-73
VW Thing 73-74 front and rear

Part #: 211-611-477A

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