Volkswagen Beetle Grilles

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Horn Grilles

Horn Grilles

Pair of Custom Style Horn Grilles
Decorative Grilles, ("show off") substantial castings. Not original grilles.

VW Beetle 1952-67
Part #: 113-853-641A
Pair of VW Beetle Grilles for Horn Holes
Made in Germany
Mount on Fenders

Volkswagen Beetle 52-67

Part #: 113-641A

Front Hood Grilles

Front Hood Grilles

VW Beetle Front Hood Grille. Polished Aluminum.

VW Beetle 1968-77 and VW SuperBeetle 1971-72

Part #: ZVW10016
VW Beetle Front Hood Grille. Polished Aluminum.

VW Super Beetle 73-79

Part #: ZVW10053

Rear Deck Grilles

Rear Deck Grilles

Rear Deck Lid (Intake) Grille.
Polished Aluminum With 50 slots

VW Beetle (Standards)65-71

Part #: ZVW10014
Volkswagen Beetle and Superbeetle, Pair of Read Deck Lid Grilles.
Polished Aluminum.

VW Beetle 1970-71 and 1971 VW Superbeetle.

Part #: ZVW10057
VW Beetle and Superbeetle Rear Deck Lid Grilles (set of 4).
Polished Aluminum.

VW Beetle and Superbeetle 1972-79.

Part #: ZVW10079
VW Beetle Rear Deck Lid Grille. Polished Aluminum
42 slots.

VW Beetle 1973-77.

Part #: ZVW10017

Vent Grilles

Vent Grilles

Pair of Vent Covers for Rear Air Vents, Chrome

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle Sedan 71-77

Part #: 113-898-447ACH

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Important Information
The horn grilles are OEM quality, made in Germany.

The hood and rear deck lid grilles are polished aluminum grilles
intended for installation over the existing front hood or rear deck lid louvres, or else fastened into the cutouts. They are intended for use where there is deterioration in the existing louvres that you wish to conceal, or else to replace your old removable grilles.

The grilles fasten securely
with built in gripper tabs.

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