Volkswagen Rabbit/Cabriolet CARBURETORS & CARBURETOR PARTS

Special note about carburetors:
Carburetors are non returnable. We sell only 100% brand-new carburetors manufactured by Weber,Solex, Brosal,Empi and Euromax. Every carburetor we sell has been tested by each manufacture and given 100% perfect condition stamp of approval. When considering the purchase of a new carburetor- please be advised that we cannot accept return of a carburetor for any reason. Before installing a new carburetor- please insure that the fuel lines and gas tank have been thoroughly cleaned and flushed of all dirt and rust. Also: always replace your rubber fuel hoses and filters. It is your responsibility to guarantee the cleanliness of your fuel system. This is the only reason you will ever have a problem with a new carburetor.

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EMPI Carburetor: EPC32/36F Carb for VW Rabbits and Sciroccos

Complete kit comes with Carb. and Air Filter Adapter. For use with stock air cleaner. Supplied with a jet package.

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: 47-0800-7
Weber carburetor. Complete kit.
Single barrel (economical) with two barrel power.

Package includes: Air Filter Adapter for Use w/ Stock Air Cleaner,
Pre-jetted for VW
Electronic Choke, Center Piece Intake Manifold,
Fuel Line, Hardware and Uni-Link Linkage Kit.

All VW Rabbits and Siroccos

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: 47-0800

Hoses: Breather

Hoses: Breather

Vacuum Line Hose, Green
Cloth Braided, OEM

For all carburetor and air cleaner applications with 4.5 mm i.d.

Priced per foot

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle
VW Bus
VW Type 3
VW Karmann Ghia
VW Thing

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: N20 375 1



In LIne Fuel Filter Kit.
Includes 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" fittings with hose and clamps.
Prevent impurities from entering carburetor.
VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: 00-9065



Empi Carburetor Float For Empi 40-44 Solex/Brosol Carburetors

All VWs with those carburetors.

Often carburetors have leaky/cracked floats. Replacing carburetor float insures proper level within carburetor.

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: EMPI 40-4403

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