Volkswagen Thing Brake Hoses

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Front Brake Hose
One Hose, Fits Either Side
440mm (17.32 inches)
With Female/Male Connectors

VW Beetle 65-66
VW Karmann Ghia 65-66
VW Thing 73-74
VW Bus 55-67
VW Type 3 62-65

VW Thing
Part #: 211-611-701
Rear Brake Hose
One Hose for Either Side
235 mm (9 1/4 inches)
Male/Female Connectors

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle 69-79
Including 1968 VW Beetle with auto trans
VW Karmann Ghia 68-74
Including VW Karmann Ghia 1968 with auto trans
VW Thing 73-74

VW Thing
Part #: 113-611-775E
Classic Braided Brake Line Hose, Black
7 mm interior diameter
Priced per meter (per 3 feet)

VW Beetle and Super Beetle 1967-79
VW Karmann Ghia 1967-74
VW Type 3 1967-73
VW Bus 68-79
VW Thing 73-74

VW Thing
Part #: N 020 350 1/1M



Bug Me Dvd: Volume 4, Brakes. 1 Hour 45 Minutes of Easy to Follow Instruction, Including:

Brake Shoes, Wheel Cylinders, Brake lines, Disc brakes, Master Cylinder, Drums and Rotors, Emergency Brake, Wheel Bearings & Seals

VW Thing

   More About Volume 4
Part #: Volume 4
Instructions: How To Remove and Install Brake Hoses
VW Thing

Brake Line Hardware

Brake Line Hardware

Clip for Brake Line
Female End to Bracket

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle 50-79
VW Karmann Ghia 56-74
VW Bus 50-79
VW Type 3 64-73
VW Thing 73-74

VW Thing
Part #: 113-611-715A

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Important Information
Brake hoses wear out internally.
This manifests itself in pulling (to a side)
or in stickiness.

It is wise to change all hoses at once
as wear in one surely indicate wear elsewhere.

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