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1952-57 Volkswagen Workshop Manual For Beetle and Karmann Ghia.

1364 Pages

VW Beetle
Part #: V157
1958-60 Volkswagen Workshop Manual. Beetle and Karmann Ghia.

More than 1400 figures, illustrations, and diagrams.

Softcover, 8 3/8 in. x 11 in.; 1016 pages.

VW Beetle
Part #: V160
How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, 476 Pages

This classic automotive manual helps dedicated VW owners
fight the war against rust, body rot, and engine failure
to keep their prized cars alive.
Advice and techniques for for Bugs, Karmann Ghias, the VW Bus
and all air-cooled engines.

Wonderful tuneup instructions and advice as well as more advanced work. A real "masterpiece."

VW Beetle
Part #: 11-0990
Book: Volkswagen Beetle: How to Build & Modify. Airkooled Kustoms, a Volkswagen restoration and modification shop in Hazel Green, Alabama, has served all kinds of classic Volkswagen owners. For those who venture into the world of customization, no modern or historic trend is off-limits. These Volkswagen experts introduce and walk you through some of the most glorious customizations that Beetle owners can make to their rides. You ll find inspiration, instruction, and more modifications than most owners could ever tackle in a lifetime.
VW Beetle
Part #: SA486
How to Rebuild VW Air-Cooled Engines: 1961-2003 (SA221) by S-A Design . This book covers rebuilding the VW Type 1, 2, and 3 engines beginning in 1961, when a significant redesign improved the basic initial design. Step-by-step color photos provide in-depth, hands-on rebuilding information, while engine model types, identification codes, specifications, and details help the user source a good candidate for rebuilding or retrofitting. This service manual by Access Tools provides the most comprehensive repair information in paper format available on the market. This manual is produced using the highest quality printer available. more details on -
VW Beetle
Part #: SA221
Official Service Manual. a Reprint by the Bentley Publishing Co. This Manual Covers 1961-65 with All Info on the Instructions Sheets, Such as the Top, Sunroof, Seals That We List Previously. Wiring Diagrams. Very Complete. 1364 Pages.
VW Beetle
Part #: BF-1016
VW Golf and Jetta Restoration Manual. By Lindsay Porter.
  • Excellent book on taking apart a 1980s era VW Golf and then putting it back together fully restored. Lots of helpful hints about evaluating a used Golf/Jetta to determine what needs to be done to restore it. Many helpful suggestions on what to look for during the 'taking apart' and 'putting back together' phases.
VW Beetle
Part #: BF-475



Beetle Convertible Top Install Guide
Fully Covers Original 1960-1972 VW Beetle Convertible Top Removal and Installation

This easy-to-read 46-page top install guide offers step-by-step instructions on the removal and installation of your Beetle convertible top, headliner, pads, rear window, and top seals. It's the equivalent of 10 videos in one compact book! We highly recommend this guide to all do-it-yourselfers.

Note for 73 and later convertibles: This booklet will be incomplete primarily at the front bow which was changed to steel instead of wood in 1973. However we feel that this booklet in conjunction with observations made during removal of the 73 and later convertible top is the best convertible top installation guide available.

VW Beetle
Part #: BF-10
Beetle & Transporter Guide to Purchase & DIY Restoration by Lindsay Porter. Our Recommendation for the Best Manual for the Do-it-your-selfer. Over 900 Good Illustrations. Ample Descriptions of All the Steps of Most Body and Mechanical Work.
VW Beetle
Part #: BF-474
Illustrated Step by Step Instructions for Restoring Classic VW Seats, This covers removal, rebuilding, re-covering and reinstallation of seats and head rests. The process is virtually identical for all of the air coooled VWs. This booklet shows you how to do a complete seat overhaul for front and rear seats.
VW Beetle
How-to instructions for installing Headlight Bulbs, Lens Replacement and Beam Aiming
VW Beetle

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Important Information

Helping You Restore Your Volkswagen Beetle

At M&T Mfg, we have been serving Volkswagen Beetle restorers since 1975.

Along with selling parts and accessories for your VW Bug, we are committed to educating you about caring for and restoring your Volkswagen Beetle. We sell a variety of how-to guides that will help you repair your own Volkswagen Beetle or Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. By empowering you to repair your own Volkwagen, we can help you save on costly Volkswagen restoration labor.

Looking to repair your VW Beetle? Installing new seat covers? VW upholstery? A convertible top? Not sure if you are qualified to handle mechanical and/or body work on your Beetle? Our guides are the most popular guides on the market. They can help you master all kinds of Volkswagen repairs and upgrades. These guides will hold your hand through numerous types of mechanical and bodywork on your Volkswagen Bug.

M&T Mfg Recommends:

Classic Volkswagen owners are always asking us about do-it-yourself installation and repairs. And so we offer a host of guides that will help you fix, repair, and restore your classic VW Beetle or Karmann Ghia.

The best all around Beetle restoration guide is the Haynes Restoration Manual Beetle & Transporter by Lindsay Porter. It is a complete guide, including advice on buying a Beetle, bodywork, mechanics, interiors, electrical work and other procedures.

If you are a serious convertible restorer, consider the well illustrated Volkswagen Official Service Manual, which offers a step-by-step guide to a complete top restoration. Although it does not fully cover 1959 and earlier, or 1973 and later, the work is very similar and this manual will still be very useful for all years. Want to know how to cut and install horsehair padding? Fully covered. Ditto for all wood bows, headliner, top seals, etc. The guide is 46 pages long.

Can I Install a Beetle Top Myself?

This restoration has been performed successfully by many of our customers, including first time installers, by self confident, patient persons. There is no sewing involved. There is alignment and contact cement work, and stapling or tacking to wood forms, and some pop rivet work (rivets can be changed to self tapping sheet metal screws.)

At the end of the job there is a "rope in" window installation which can be done at any automotive glass shop for less than an hour labor charge.

Wood bows can be installed by any handy owner. Do not use plastic bows (so called "wood replacement bows")! Once the frame and wood are ready the upholstery begins. This is covered fairly thoroughly in the convertible top guides listed on this page.

Need Beetle parts and accessories to complete your VW restoration?

You'll find everything you need for a top-notch Beetle repair right here! We offer everything from hubcaps, to upholstery to convertible tops to floor pans and bumpers. Shop now.

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