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Axle nut removal tool. For 46mm.

VW Bus 1963-79

VW Thing
Part #: 5749
Case Splitting Tool

After you remove the oil pump, install this handy device into the pump opening up against the cam gear. (Make sure it doesn't touch the gear.) Adjust the bolts and you'll see the tool move outward. This puts pressure from the inside out and pushes the case halves apart. Now, that sure beats hammering on the engine case to split it apart.

Works on VW Bug, Bus, Ghia, and Thing.

VW Thing
Part #: 16-9601
Flywheel Lock

Our universal flywheel lock has been designed for use on all air-cooled VW and Porsche motors. This tool is a must for disassembling an engine or replacing a leaky flywheel seal.

VW Thing
Part #: 5003
Heavy Duty Scissor Jack, Maximum 1 Ton
VW Thing
Part #: 98-0109-B
Ring Compressor

This unique tool compresses the rings with the use of your own pliers -- allowing the cylinders to be slipped over the piston. Designed for use on VW and Porsche engines with 83-87mm pistons.

Fits Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing

VW Thing
Part #: 5764
Torque Multiplier Kit

Remove even the toughest flywheel gland nuts or frozen axle nuts with the torque multiplier kit. Apply 30 ft./lbs. of torque to this tool and it transforms it into 270 ft./lbs. of torque at the gland nut! In fact, when tightening, be sure to use a proper torque wrench as this tool will OVERTIGHTEN bolts and breakage can occur.

This tool works on all 12 1600cc engines with stock-size 36mm glandnut and 36mm drum axle nuts with 12mm bolts. It's invaluable to anyone doing brake or engine work. The kit includes the torque tool and drum plate as well as 6-volt and 12-volt flywheel gears. Perfect fit for Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing

VW Thing
Part #: 16-9602
12 point hex socket tool
for cv joint removal/install
8mm, 3/8" drive

All VWs

Note: an occasional cv is 6 point.

VW Thing
Part #: 5796
Window Seal Rope in Tool

For window installation; 6M cord

VW Thing
Part #: N-001
Bench Mount Head Assembly Tool
VW Thing
Part #: 5742
Crankshaft Gear Puller - A professional quality tool will solve the problem of removing the crankshaft timing gear- a gear which must be removed when an engine is rebuilt and the main bearings are changed. In operation this tool simply slips under the gear and with a wrench or impact gun the gear is easily removed. The highest quality standards are used in the construction of this tool for years of service for the do-it-yourself or the professional. Fits all 12-1600cc Beetle style engines- does not fit the larger 17-2000cc type 4 engines. Note DO NOT FORGET to remove the snap ring on the end of the crankshaft before using this puller as this is a sure way to ruin this gear puller and void your warranty.
VW Thing
Part #: 5714
Deluxe Flywheel Main Seal Tool For Vw Bug / Vw Beetle 1600CC Based Air-cooled Engines. Provides Proper And Even Pressure On The Flywheel Main Seal During Install.
VW Thing
Part #: 5774
Distributor Drive Gear Puller Or Installer For Vw Air-cooled Engine Easily Installs Or Removes Distributor Drive Gears Quality Tool For Any Vw Mechanic A Must For Any Engine Builder
VW Thing
Part #: 5717
Heavy Duty Floor Dolly Features Heavy Gauge Steel For Strength And 4 Industrial Swivel Casters For Stability. Roll-A-Round Engine Stand Allows Easy Engine Installation With Floor Jack For Vw Bug / Vw Beetle 1600CC Air Cooled Engines.
VW Thing
Part #: 5005-E
Helping Hand Gland Nut And Axle Nut Assist Tool For Classic Vw Bug / Volkswagen Beetle. Helps Tighten Or Loosen Hi-Torqued Volkswagen Bug Axle Nuts And Gland Nuts By Holding The Brake Drum Or Flywheel Steady. Works With 6 Volt And 12 Volt Flywheels. Works With Vw 4 X 130mm Lug Bolt Pattern And Vw 5 X 205mm Lug Bolt Pattern Brake Drums/Rotors.
VW Thing
Part #: 5750
Oil Pump Puller for Air Cooled VW Engines. Works On 6mm Or 8mm Oil Pump Bodies
VW Thing
Part #: 5002
VW Bench Mount Engine Stand, Classic Volkswagen Bug Bus Ghia Type 3 Mounts to work bench. Features swivel head. Use for holding engines or transmissions. 1 5/8" male tube that slides into mount.
VW Thing
Part #: 5001
VW Crank & Flywheel Jig 8 Pin Positioning Tool mounts to the flywheel or crankshaft and aligns them for drilling 4 additional dowel pin holes. The jig includes hardware to mount to either the crank or the flywheel to ensure a proper pattern is drilled. The jig can be used on all 200mm flywheels and 1300cc and larger Type 1 based cranks.
VW Thing
Part #: 5004
VW Valve Guide Installer Tool. The Pilot On This Tool Holds The Valve Guide In The Correct Location While It Is Pressed Into The Cylinder Head.
VW Thing
Part #: 5763



OEM Style 7 Piece Tool Kit with Bag

This all-in-one tool kit includes the following:

  • Bag
  • 19/21mm Hex Wrench (Spark Plug/Lug)
  • 10/13mm wrench
  • Pliers Tommy Bar
  • Reversable Screwdriver
  • Hub Cap Tool
  • Recommended for Bug, Bus, Ghia, Thing

VW Thing
Part #: 111-012-023

Installation Supplies

Installation Supplies

3M Black Super Weatherstrip Adhesive, 5oz Tube
Build out or caulk under your rubber seals.
Repairs cracks in seals.
Insure against leakage.
VW Thing

Part #: mmm08008
Arrow Fastener PT50 Pneumatic Staple Gun


VW Thing
Part #: PT-50
Seat Cover Tool Kit: Hog Rings and Pliers

These hog rings and pliers make installing seat covers a cinch. Recommended for all Volkswagen vehicles.

VW Thing
Part #: 43-4410
ARROW RIVET TOOL KIT RL100 rivet tool is built to last Durable all-steel construction with a - comfortable hi-vis vinyl grip Spring loaded handle makes for easy loading Includes two interchangeable nose pieces & - 25 ea. 1/8" & 3/16" medium aluminum rivets Includes custom molded case for easy storage and 50 of our two most popular rivets 25 each of 1/8 medium rivet and 25 each of 3/16 medium rivets.
VW Thing
Part #: RL100K

Battery Cables

Battery Cables

Battery Kill Switch

All VW Beetle and Super Beetle
All Karmann Ghia
All VW Bus
All VW Thing
All VW Type 3
VW Thing

Adhesive and Heat Shields

Adhesive and Heat Shields

Interior Spray Adhesive
VW Thing
Part #: 34-9102

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