Volkswagen Rabbit/Cabriolet Convertible Top Padding

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Padding Set with Foam Rubber Core.
Wrapped Within Fabric Blanket.
Installs Between headliner and Top.
Includes 65" Nylon Straps.

VW Rabbit and VW Cabriolet 79-94

VW Rabbit/Cabriolet
Part #: RTP2

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Important Information
Padding was standard for Volkswagen Rabbits and Cabriolets through 1994. The padding was eliminated beginning in 1995.

The top padding fits between the top and the interior headliner. It consists of an insulating and space filling pad plus a fabric blanket.

The German "horsehair" is a synthetic horsehair that was original. It is superior to the foam rubber but is more expensive. This imported product is not always available. We try to keep a sufficient quantity in stock. On occasion it may be unavailable for short periods.

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