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Bus Cargo Floor Section Rubber Mat
This is the rear passenger compartment rubber floor mat.
It is black rubber and fits from the front edge of the rear firewall to the front seat bulkhead's back edge.

VW Bus 1950-1979

VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-863-731
Front (Walk In) Black Rubber Floor Mat.
This is an accurate early Bus rubber floor mat.

VW Bus 1955-59 Up to vin# 501706

VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-863-711A
Front (Walk In) Rubber Floor Mat.
Rubber mat has all cutouts (pedals, steering column, shift, brake handle
    and heater duct.
Note: this mat is for manual transmission VW Bus


VW Bus 68-72

VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-401
Front (Walk In) Rubber Floor Mat.
The black rubber floor mat has all of the proper cutouts:
brake handle, heater duct,  steering column, shift lever.

VW Bus 1960-67 From vin# 501707

VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-863-711E
Front (Walk In) Rubber Floor Mat.
The mat has all proper cutouts: brake handle, heater duct, steering column
Note: This mat is for manual transmission Bus

VW Bus 73-79
VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-402
Rubber Floor Mats for Seat Pedestal Sides,
Two-piece set.
These mats wrap around the seat pedestal sides and back.

(Works in conjunction with 211-665B)
VW Bus 1968-76
VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 221-765A
Rubber Floor Mats for Seat Stands
Left and right mats (pair)
Original gray rubber mats.

VW Bus 1963-67


VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-863-665
Rubber Mat, Black, Front Seats

Fits: Walk-thru VW Bus 1963-1967

Wraps around side and rear of seat pedestal.

VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-863-769A
Rubber Mats for Front Seat, Top of Pedestal.
This is the two piece mat set.
The mats fit under the seat and descend to tuck under the floor mat.

VW Bus 1968-79

VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-665B
Walk Thru Partition Mat

Vw Bus 1968-79 
VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: 211-863-781A

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Important Information
These are OEM ribbed rubber floor mats.

Mats are molded where required. All required reliefs or cutouts, and all shaping is done to facilitate installation.

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