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The early VW Bus featured a six volt generator and then by 1967 they had 12 volt generators. Some decisions must be made including conversion to higher voltage generator or converting from generator to alternator. You can convert from any stock generator to an alternator system and we offer the alternator packages to accomplish this.

How Much Current ?
The original current capacity for the early VW Bus was 30 amps and the straight replacement is quite adequate for the early VW Bus unless you have added high current draw accessories, like sound systems etc. The VW Bus eventually went to 55 amp alternators, again quite adequate for most VW Bus systems. We do carry 75amp systems for any VW Bus which has added requirements for higher amperage alternators.

All of our generator to alternator conversion packages include needed items, from the alternator itself to the mounting stand, backing plate, alternator belt, etc. The parts descriptions are complete and specifically state the current capacity and parts inclusions. Converting from 6V to 12V and from generator to alternator is very popular and not difficult to do. The EMPI conversion packages have been very popular and have excellent reviews from folks who have purchased these generator to alternator packages and left their opinions. These alternator packages contain what is needed. Note: one package includes an alternator that is not chromed but is easily finished off to provide you with long term alternator protection. Also note that early generators and alternators were not chromed.

One reason for converting from a generator to an alternator is to increase the current available (for extra lights, stereo, etc.)

A second reason to go from generator to alternator is efficiency: an alternator does not have to rev higher, per amp, as a generator does.

Finally a minor reason: the alternator takes up less space than a generator.

Check Your System:
It is worth checking the alternator or the generator to make sure it is delivering current properly to charge the battery. To do the generator or alternator check you will need a voltmeter. The instrument is very affordable and you should be in a position to check out your alternator or generator. There are very helpful hints on your VW Bus alternator or generator on the page (see link at right) and we highly recommend the great book "How to Keep your Volkswagen Alive" and also the "Bug Me DVD" on the electrical system. (Check out the "Books and Literature" section for the book and the "DVDs" section for DVD#10 in the excellent "Bug Me" DVD series. This has complete information on both generators and alternators and on the conversion process.

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