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VW Bus Clutch Cables
Removing and installing a VW Bus clutch cable is a job often within the capabilities of the Bus owner. There are quite a few good videos that you can do a search on which will show you how the VW Bus cable is removed and how the new cable is installed. We have a DVD with a full hour of instruction on complete clutch system overhaul and it includes the motor removal and all aspects of VW Bus and all air cooled VW clutch service.

Testing the Bus clutch cable: You will know when your clutch pedal gives you an "uh-oh", signalling difficulty. The problem, more often than not is just the clutch cable itself. You can remove the clutch cable and examine for signs of wear. If the clutch cable looks fine then lubricate it and replace the cable. If the cable is rusty, worn, etc. then replace the cable.

Clutch Cable Sleeves and Other Clutch Parts
When removing and replacing a VW clutch cable, additional hardware and parts are suggested, though often the old clutch cable sleeve and other parts, such as the clutch operating shaft and other clutch parts can be re-used. In the event your Bus requires replacement clutch parts, such as the clutch pressure plates, clutch cable boot (usually it is advisable when replacing a clutch cable to also replace the clutch boot and the clutch cable adjusting wing nut.

Deeper Clutch Restoration Work
We show a category "DVDs" which includes the complete clutch restoration work in an hour of clutch pictures, techniques etc. Also the chapter on clutch work in the wonderful classic: "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" is a must for any VW Bus owner.

Many VW Bus Clutch Parts
While you cannot know in advance which of your VW Bus clutch parts, among the many clutch hardware items, clutch bearings, etc. you can print out the list of VW Clutch parts at our "master page" of VW CLUTCH PARTS to save as a reference. This will refer you to our readily available Bus clutch parts in case you are doing a major clutch overhaul.

VW Bus Clutch Parts Pages
On the current page there are shown links to separate VW Bus clutch parts (also contained in the CLUTCH PARTS master page.) This is for your convenience if focusing on a single category of parts, such as parts for only the clutch cable replacement. Select the master page CLUTCH & CLUTCH PARTS for the complete list, or on one of the separate categories of VW Bus clutch parts.

We have been providing VW Bus and other air cooled parts, not just clutch, ever since 1974. That's forty five years and running in the VW parts business, under the same roofs here in Rhode Island. We are an old fashioned parts supplier offering personal service whether in VW Bus Clutch parts or other. Support Email: Knowing that your choice in sourcing your VW Bus Parts can be one of several suppliers, and, frankly, we are all VW colleagues, we will try to personalize our service if ordering, tracking, or selecting parts for your VW Bus or any air cooled VW. We do provide a direct phone line but the support email may be most efficient, because we can then provide pictures, obtain information that is not off the top of our heads, etc. and get you proper service. The phone number, and the preferred support email route, can be found at the bottom of all our VW parts pages.

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