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VW Carburetors

Back in the 70s, before fancy computer-generated systems, fuel and air were delivered into the engine by carburetors. Your VW Beetle carburetor blends the right amounts of fuel and air and delivers it to the engine. So if you want to see your Beetle in motion, the carburetor is an important piece of equipment. If you notice black smoke coming from the exhaust, it could be a sign that your carburetor needs replacing. Since the carburetor directly affects the engine on your VW Beetle, if you notice sluggish acceleration or a reduction in power, it’s time to check on your carburetor. Also, if your Bug is hard to start, it could mean your carburetor needs a tune-up or replacing.

On this page, you’ll find replacement carburetors for your VW Beetle as well as tubes and hardware. If you’d like to keep your carburetor and rebuild, consider our universal carburetor rebuild kit.

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