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Clutch and Clutch Parts

Boots, hardware bushing kits, bowden tube, sleeves, clips, clutch release, clutch operating shafts, complete clutch kits, clutch discs, clutch pressure cover plates

Clutch Work Instructional DVDs
We offer excellent dvd instructions on clutch work. These are in two separate dvds, each a full hour of complete and well photographed clutch work. One of the volumes covers clutch adjustment and other work related to the major clutch replacement. The other dvd covers everything: pulling the motor and replacing the clutch and clutch parts: clutch release bearing, crank seal, rear mounts and the clutch cable. etc.

Removing Engine
Replacing the clutch involves removing the engine. While this work may be beyond the ambition of many VW enthusiasts the clutch work is surprisingly popular. The book "How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive" is a wonderful one covering clutch work in a long gone style that will appeal to VW enthusiasts who wish to know what is going on without necessarily doing the clutch work themselves. (This clutch essay is heavy on literature because even if you don't do the major clutch work you will want to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the clutch system.

Clutch Cable Replacement
Replacing the clutch cable should be within the realm of handy VW owners particular those who are willing to do a little kneeling etc. The clutch and gas pedal assembly needs to come out. The book and the dvd on clutch work provide ample instructions. We have all of the associated parts, for major and minor clutch work: clutch cables, clutch hardware, rubber parts for the clutch cable and other clutch parts, etc.

Links to Clutch Pages
We have a large clutch parts page which includes all of the associated clutch subcategories. These smaller clutch categories are also separately listed. You can go to the link to our big clutch page or to one of the more focused clutch pages via the links at the right.

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