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About Our VW Mirrors

We offer a large selection of aftermarket mirrors for your VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle. We offer original-style exterior mirrors, which will enhance the look of your VW Beetle. We also offer rear-view interior mirrors for your Volkswagen. Our mirrors come in all original mirror shapes including rectangular, round, and pear.

VW Beetles made in 1967 and before originally had pear-shaped exterior mirrors. Rectangular mirrors nicely duplicate the original VW mirrors found on 1972 (and later) Volkswagens.

Replacing your mirrors is a great way to enhance the safety of your Volkswagen.

Our replacement VW mirrors are available in chrome or black. These VW mirrors are made to withstand all kinds of weather and conditions. Along with exterior mirrors and rearview mirrors, we offer seals, hardware, and mounting kits for your VW Beetle. Our replacement VW mirrors are available for the Beetle, Karmann Ghia, the Bus and the Thing.

About Budget Mirrors and Mirror Chrome:

Parts as popular as Beetle mirrors, especially exterior mirrors, invite mass production. This in turn invites inferior products. And the sturdiness and finish quality of many budget mirrors leaves a lot to be desired. The cheapest mirrors, even those described as "quality chrome" or "triple chrome" can be so cheap as to be unworthy of even the budget price for the mirrors being described. Please make certain that your vendor can either describe the mirror appropriately and/or offer expeditious return or refund warranties !

When we ship one of our mirrors we check that there is no pitting or delamination. We do advise that certain reproduction mirrors (and we do not carry the very cheapest mirrors) be coated quickly to ward off deterioration. Any painted or chromed mirror or similar exterior Beetle product can suffer from quality related issues. We will do our best to provide satisfaction, as we have since we started in this business in 1974. To find the best VW replacement mirror, click on a link at the right.

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