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Karmann Ghia Seals

Structure of Rubber Seals

VW Karmann Ghia rubbers seals, like all automobile rubber seals, must be fabricated from ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber in order to cope with the exposure that rubber seals have. The lifetime of a rubber seal will depend largely on its chemical structure. The hardness of the rubber seal must also be optimized for the elasticity required. This depends on whether it is a large rubber seal that wraps around a window, or a small molded rubber piece.

Karmann Ghia Window Rubber Seals

Our Karmann Ghia window rubber seals are either German made or else the finest American rubber seal reproductions available. We do not offer "third world" rubber seals as we have the Karmann Ghia world's experience with its history of problems with 'third world' rubber seals. The hardness ("duro") and elasticity of our VW Beetle and Karmann Ghia rubber seals is optimum and the seals are time tested in hundreds of Karmann Ghia restorations over our forty plus years in business.

Karmann Ghia Rubber Seal Packages

We have supplied rubber seals to Volkswagen Karmann Ghia restorers doing "ground up" restoration requiring most, or all, of the rubber seals for their Karmann Ghia. And we have supplied smaller packages of rubber seals. Over the years we have tried to group Ghia rubber seals into packages of popular selections. However our customer needs varied so much that packages are now offered as custom rubber seal packages based on request. If you require multiple Karmann Ghia rubber seals, please list the seals and send us an email or call our VW rubber guru, Kevin, and we will quote you on your own Ghia rubber seal needs.

Cal Look versus American Style Karmann Ghia Window Seals

Cal Look Karmann Ghia rubber seals are, by far, more popular than the American style rubber seals. The Cal Look rubber seal has a solid rubber outer wall. The American Style rubber seal has a groove into which a molding is inserted. The American style seals are requested especially by the enthusiast whose wishes are to have absolutely authentic Ghia rubber seals in his or her car, including for entry into shows. The Cal Look seal will last at least as long and is easier to work with. We recommend the Cal Look rubber seals for practical purposes, and of course stock the American style Karmann Ghia seals for those Ghia owners who want the American style seal where original and where the owner desires absolute originality.

Individual Karmann Ghia web site pages

The links on this page should take you to rubber seals pages of interest. Shopping for Karmann Ghia parts with us is secure. We have taken every step available to protect our shoppers including not storing credit card numbers after they are utilized. We have been offering parts to the Karmann Ghia restorer since we started in 1974. There are people here to help should you need it. Our contact information is available right on top of each Karmann Ghia page on this site.

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