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Volkswagen Beetle Sheet Metal Parts

Volkswagen Beetle Sheet Metal Parts

We sell most sheet metal parts for the Volkswagen Beetle. On the right you'll find links for VW Beetle sheet metal aprons (front and rear), VW Beetle sheet metal bumper brackets and mounts (front and rear), VW Beetle sheet metal doors and door skins, and VW Beetle sheet meal floor pans. (We offer full "half" floor pans and our more highly recommend quarter floor pans). You'll also find VW Beetle sheet metal frame heads, VW Beetle nose assemblies, tire wells, and wheelhouses. To find the sheet metal parts for your Volkswagen Beetle or Super Beetle, click on a link at the right.

About Us:

M & T Mfg has proudly served Volkswagen owners for more than 43 years!

We have been providing Volkswagen restorers with parts, such as these sheet metal items, for their classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Volkswagen Vanagon, VW Rabbit, VW Cabriolet, and VW Thing since 1974. We have 43 years in the Volkswagen restoration business!

We still operate the shop where we manufacture the convertible wood top bows for classic air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertibles over forty years after we began. Our main building is a restored icehouse in southern Rhode Island. We have added separate warehouses, efficiently linked via our database of parts for air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagen sedans and Volkswagen convertibles.

Sheet Metal Quality

There is a lot of confusion over sheet metal because of varying import sources. We try to be explicit in our VW Beetle and Super Beetle sheet metal parts descriptions. In particular we provide sheet metal guage dimensions where they are consistent.

Note that large items, such as sheet metal floor pans are listed at the site and that the shopping cart will indicate a computed shipping charge which is adjustable. If you list large sheet metal items, such as floor pans, or if you list several different sheet metal items, we should be able to customize your shipping charge in ways the site cannot do with every assortment of sheet metal items. We therefore invite you to use our checkout message box to obtain our best shipping quite for your Beetle or Super Beetle sheet metal assortment to your shipping address.

Beside sheet metal parts we have a full line of replacement parts for the classic VW and Super Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, and VW Thing.

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