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This is the place to buy a VW carpet. We offer Volkswagen carpets for the VW Beetle, the VW Rabbit, the VW Karmann Ghia, the VW Rabbit, the VW Cabriolet, the VW Thing, the VW Vanagon, the VW Bus and the VW Type 3. Our Volkswagen carpets are made by TMI Products. They are the best carpets available for Volkswagen cars. Durable carpets that look like the original, TMI carpets are a sensible substitute to the original German Square Weave fabric.

Our Volkswagen carpets are available in full sets. This means they cover the floor and the rear well (the whole area behind the back seat). You can get this Volkswagen carpet comes in a variety of colors. They are accurately grommetted around the shift lever, the emergency brake, and the seat belt points in every car. Trunk carpets, tire covers (sold separately), and matching floor panels are also available.

What You Need to Know About Buying A VW Carpet:

German Carpets vs. American Carpets

German Carpets:

Original German Square Weave fabric carpets are very costly. They are for the extraordinarily dedicated restorer who enters shows where judges with magnifying glasses identify absolutely original restorations.

American Made TMI Carpets:

A sensible substitute is our best selling nylon loop pile (American fabric) carpets. These are just as durable and quite similar in appearance to the original. The color choices are in the accompanying scan.

Installing Your Volkswagen Carpet

Installation involves the careful layout and then application of contact cement along the edges of the VW carpet and bottom and toward the center (and along mating floor surfaces.) You'll have to "map out" the pieces according to the original carpet or the floor contours.

We have a profusely illustrated "how to" guide to installing Volkswagen carpets. You may download a copy of these instructions: www.mtmfg.com/carpet.instructions.beetle(FILEminimizer).pdf

Looking for more Volkswagen restoration parts and accessories?

Find them here!

We offer everything from hubcaps, manual books, floor pans and bumpers.


M & T Mfg has proudly served Volkswagen owners for more than 35 years!

We have been providing Volkswagen restorers with parts for their classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, Volkswagen Vanagon, VW Rabbit, VW Cabriolet, and VW Thing since 1974. We have nearly forty years in the Volkswagen restoration business! We originated in upholstery and convertible top parts but added VW sedan, body, glass, rubber and other parts.

We still operate the shop where we manufacture the convertible wood top bows for classic air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle and Karmann Ghia convertibles nearly forty years after we began. Our main building is a restored icehouse in southern Rhode Island. We have added separate warehouses, efficiently linked via our database of parts for air-cooled and water-cooled Volkswagen sedans and Volkswagen convertibles.

When we started making Volkswagen convertible wood top bows the demand for quality VW restoration led us to establish relationships with all Volkswagen parts manufacturers and importers. We came to develop a full line of replacement parts for the classic Beetle, Karmann Ghia, VW Bus, and VW Thing.

We developed relationships with hundreds of professional and home Volkswagen restorers. The community of Volkswagen restoration shops and private VW restorers has been invaluable in testing parts, helping us to locate special VW sources for parts and to securing help for our Volkswagen owner friends and customers.

Join Our Community:

Want to meet other Volkswagen owners? Find a restoration shop near you? Share photos and stories about your Volkswagen? Click here!
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