For: Volkswagen Beetle MIRRORS & MIRROR PARTS
1950-67 Volkswagen Beetle Outside Mirror
Right (Passenger) Side Mirror.
Round Chrome Mirror

Mounts with threaded hinge pin Part #111-421A

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Part #: 151-512-R
There are many reproduction VW Beetle mirrors out there ! Most of those mirrors are very cheap mirrors: they have very light weight castings and the chrome mirror case and hardware is subject to premature deterioration. Be careful selecting your replacement VW Beetle mirrors, particularly the outside mirrors.

Our reproduction Volkswagen Beetle mirrors with the rectangular design are the original 1972 mirror shape but this mirror will replace later Beetle and Ghia mirrors as well.
These VW mirrors will replace Volkswagen Beetle mirrors as old as 1968.

The VW Beetle mirrors for 1967 and earlier years wer originally round or oval mirrors (pear shaped mirrors).

Our reproduction VW mirrors are chromed well and are nice fitting. The reproduction mirrors are half the price of original Beetle Mirrors.

When we experience pitting in reproduction mirrors we return those mirrors. These mirrors are rejected and should not enter our warehouse for shipping. As to premature deterioration of our mirrors once sole, we apply fair and liberal replacement policy in those occasions where premature deterioration in mirrors is experienced.
The best long term results will be obtained with your mirror if you apply and maintain a chrome protective finish to the mirror quickly and keep your mirrors coated periodically.

Castings within reproduction mirrors are lighter weight than the original equipment mirror.

Plating in aftermarket reproduction work varies from very vulnerable to good. Keeping a reproduction plated VW mirror covered with wax
or other chrome protection coating will enhance the preservation of the mirror.

Our VW mirrors come with their own mounting kits. You may buy our VW mirror mounting kits separately to use with your own mirrors.

Sometimes the original mirror mounting screws do not grip the hole well. These mirror screws are self tapping which means that their coarse thread grabs the mirror mounting hole, provided that the hole is not "stripped." You can locally purchase (stainless steel) self tapping screws in a variety of widths and test to get your mirror mounted securely if the hole is stripped.