For: Karmann Ghia Headliners, Sedan
Spray Adhesive, Headliner, Seat Cover, or Carpet Spray Glue.
16oz can

All carpet, seat covers, headliner, or dash installations.
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Part #: 34-9102
We offer headliners made by Acme Auto Headlining
These employ original fabric backing.
We urge the avoidance of budget headliners
manufactured with cheap backing material which aggravates
the installation process and does not have the same longevity.

Original headliners in the Ghia sedan were soft cloth, through 1962. The 1963-74 headliners were perforated vinyl. We can also provide crush grain (unperforated) vinyl headliners. Usual vinyl color is white, however we can provide in black.

We stock popular years and colors for quick delivery, but many headliners are made to order and require approximately two weeks to ship.