Shift Pattern Sticker
Applies to  Ash Tray

VW Beetle & VW Super Beetle
VW Type 3
VW Bus
VW Thing

Use on any of these cars with standard shift.


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Part #: 111-0000
There are no reproductions being made of the padded dashboard replacements for 1973 and later Super Beetles. Your best bet for VW Super Beetle dashboard replacement (restoration) would be our dashboard overlay kit. It is glued on to cover the cracked dashboard. The overlay dashboard kit (cover)is pictured. Its use requires taping of any cuts in the existing dashboard, alignment of the overlay over the prepped original dashboard, and then gluing on the overlay with adhesive.

We do have excellent reproductions of the earlier padded VW Beetle dashboards. These dashboards are listed and pictured here.

These replacement Beetle dashboards have original VW Beetle dashboard design: texture, fit and fastening.

The removal and installation of a replacement VW Beetle dashboard is straightforward but time consuming. There are tabs inside the front hood and behind the panel that are straightened in order to allow your old Beetle dash to be pulled inward. The replacement Beetle dashboard installs in the reverse sequence of steps involved in the removal of the original Beetle dashboard.

For the 73-79 VW Super Beetle dashboard replacement, since there are no reproduction dashboards being made, is going to have to be an overlay dashboard.