For: Volkswagen Beetle Door Seals and Seals on Door
SEDAN: Vent Wing Rubber Seals. Pair.

VW Beetle Sedan 52-64

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Part #: 111-625-L/R
All of our classic Volkswagen Beetle rubber seals are made of the highest grade EPDM (elasto-poly-duramer) rubber. These are strict standard quality rubber seals for automotive application.

The difference between "OEM" VW Beetle and Super Beetle door rubber seals and non-OEM Beetle door seals is not structurally major. Both are high quality EPDM rubber seals; there is a slight geometrical change in the non-OEM. Non OEM main door rubber seals have been installed hundreds of times and outsell the OEM because of the seal pricing.

Installation of the rubber seals is slightly easier for the OEM door rubber seal. We have had very favorable customer acceptance of both the OEM Beetle door rubber seal and the slightly modified non-OEM door rubber seal. Generally speaking, the application of some weatherstrip adhesive with the non-OEM VW Beetle door seal will make it just as firmly installed as the OEM VW Beetle door rubber seal.

There are many other rubber seals in the Beetle door opening, in the VW Beetle door handles, etc. You will find more Beetle rubber seals under "Door Seals, Miscellaneous." And of course we carry all of the Beetle window rubber seals, and every Beetle rubber seal that is required, from doors to engine compartment seals.

If you go to the Beetle catalog menu you will find all the rubber seal categories listed at "seals."