For: Volkswagen Thing Seat Covers: Front and Rear
Seat Cover Tool Kit: Hog Rings and Pliers

These hog rings and pliers make installing seat covers a cinch. Recommended for all Volkswagen vehicles.

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Part #: 43-4410
TMI Products makes accurate seat covers for all Thing interiors. All pleating, fabric grain, and fit is as original.

On this page we are listing only the bucket seats. These may have flat tops, as in #1 or in the later years there will be removable headrests as in #2.

Basket Weave: This classic VW fabric has cross hatched rectangles. Because the fabric is the most widely used, seat covers made in basket weave are the least expensive. You may use basket weave seats for any year, whether original or not.

Square Weave: Similar to basket weave, the pattern is a little different. Also color choices differ. This was a later fabric but may be used on any year seat.

Smooth Vinyl: The smooth leather grained vinyls are popular both with and without piping. The picture of the bucket seat
shows a piping edge. You may select smooth vinyl on any year seat. Decide whether to include piping or not.

You should select your fabric from the samples shown. You will specify your choice in the checkout message box.
(Also specify piping or no piping if you select smooth vinyl.)

Our piping is solid cord not a rolled vinyl. This means that it cannot "rub out" as a coated or rolled vinyl piping will.

In the earliest VWs the original fabric was smooth leather grained vinyl. In 1968 Volkswagen introduced the basket weave fabric which was used until 1974. We show a closeup of this in one of the pictures above, to illustrate the precisely manufactured patterns, pleating and fit. In 1974 the weave was slightly changed from little rectangles to little squares. The later fabric is called square weave.