For: Volkswagen Beetle Ignition: Electronic Ignition Conversion
Tune Up Kit for following distributors
#0231178009, #9230081094 or Bosch 009

includes a 03010 Distributor Cap, a 04033 Rotor, 4 Bosch W8AC Spark Plugs and 09001 Spark Plug Ignition Wires, and to send a signal through the distributor an electronic points kit replaces the original points and condenser.

The electronic ignition helps improve fuel economy with a better spark for smoother acceleration. An added bonus is the hassle of replacing the points and condenser periodically is no longer necessary. Points and condensers haven't been offered in automobiles for decades as electronic ignitions simply work better. The Ignition Components fit Bosch 0231178009 & 9230081094 centrifugal (or mechanical) advance distributors as well as the various aftermarket 009 style distributors in 1954 through 1977 Beetles, 1971 through 1979 Super Beetles, 1956 through 1974 Karmann Ghias, 1955 through 1971 Type 2 Bus models and 1973 through 1974 Things.

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Part #: 37139-EI
The electric ignition replaces the points and condenser in your distributor.
Electronic ignition raises the voltage to the spark plugs thereby
increasing the life of the plugs and improving starting and fuel economy.
These electronic ignition kits are quite easy to install.