For: Volkswagen Beetle Ignition: Electronic Ignition Conversion
The EMPI HEI Ignition Kit improves performance and fuel economy in an easy to install and set-up package. This comprehensive kit was designed and engineered in Anaheim, CA and includes an all new HEI solid state billet distributor, 40,000-volt OE style coil that fits your stock clamp and high-quality 8.5mm plug wires. With simple hand tools you can modernize your ignition system for reliable starting and a more efficient spark. Everything you need is in the kit which includes a degreed billet distributor clamp, advance springs, bushings, spark plug terminal nuts, plug wire separators and O-rings for a clean installation since the EMPI kit doesn t use any other modules or boxes to mount in your engine compartment!
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Part #: 00-9442-0
The electric ignition replaces the points and condenser in your distributor.
Electronic ignition raises the voltage to the spark plugs thereby
increasing the life of the plugs and improving starting and fuel economy.
These electronic ignition kits are quite easy to install.