For: Volkswagen Beetle Window Glass: Rear Window (Sedan & Convertible)
Heated Rear Window Wiring Kit

Fits: 1958-79 VW Beetle

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Part #: 111-898-999
1975 VW Convertible Restorers

There are two different 1975 VW Beetle (Super Beetle) convertible rear windows. The 1975 rear window and its seal were changed by Volkswagen after chassis number 155-2012-217. If you have a 1975 then check your chassis number. The seal with suffix "E" is for the later cars. (chassis # ending 218 and up.)

Another way for 1975 VW Super Beetle convertible owners to tell the difference (if the rear window has been removed from the rear window frame)is to measure the height of the rear window glass (along the center line of the window). The early 1975 Beetle convertible rear window glass measures 11 1/8" top to bottom. The late 1975 VW Beetle convertible rear window glass measures 11 1/2" from top to bottom.

Some Useful Information on Rear Window Replacement
A special note about convertible rear windows: The late model rear window glass will fit any convertible, provided that (1)you are doing a new convertible top, and (2)that you fit the new top with a frame for the late model glass. There are advantages to doing this. The earlier glass is becoming harder and harder to get. The later glass will be easier to replace, if necessary, in the future. Also it is less expensive (because it is more frequently sold.) And finally: it has a much smaller curvature than the 64-75 glass. This makes the window much less likely to encounter the dreaded "pop out."

For those of you doing a new top restoration, consider the package offered: a new unified frame (consisting of the ready to mount steel and wood assembly already glued together, plus the rear window seal, and the rear window glass.

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