For: Volkswagen Beetle Door Seal Kits (Package Deals): Convertible
Convertible Door and Top Seal Kit, Fits 1965 VW Beetle

Kit Includes: Outer Scrapers with Chrome (4 pieces), Inner scrapers (4 pieces), German Door seals, Door to Windshield Pillar, Side Window to Top Frame (6 pieces), Top to Windshield, Quarter Window Upright, Felt Channel Strips, Vent Wing Seals, Rear Door wedges, Front Quarter wedges, Rear Quarter wedges, Door Check Rod Seals, Door switch Seals, Door Handle Seals, Top Centering Sleeves, Door Panel Clip seals (50 pieces), Stops at Vent Wing, Vent Wing Base Scrapers, Hinge Mount Hole Covers Black (12 pieces), Door Centering Wedges, Top To Windshield Seal, Check Rod Stops, Top Base Wedges With Aluminum Plate.

Kit does both doors.

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Part #: 151-009
On this page we offer packages of door seals for the Beetle and Super Beetle convertible. As we have found that many restorers are doing thorough replacements on their doors and require most of the rubber parts, we have compiled these Beetle and Super Beetle door seal packages.

These door seal packages are for the full restoration. We recognize that many of you will be retaining some of your door seals yet require numerous, but not all, seals. We therefore suggest that you go to our door seals pages and make a list (paste if you can from our seals pages). If you email us with your list at we will produce a quotation for you, a custom quotation, on your own door seal requirements.