Drop Spindle Front 5x205 Wide 5 Disc Brake Conversion Kit, Beetle & Ghia 1954-65

Must have 15" wheels.
Do not use this disc system with 14" wheels.

This kit includes the following:

  • Disc Brake 2.5" Drop Spindles
    5x205 Lug Pattern Brake Rotors with 12x1.5 Threads
    5x130 Lug Pattern Brake Rotors with 14x1.5 Threads (Porsche pattern)
    Brake Calipers & Pads
    Brake Hoses
    Bearings & Seals
    Mounting Hardware & Instructions
"Stock drum brakes are adequate enough for a stock VW if all the components are in good working order. As soon as any performance modifications are made to your VW, the original brakes should be upgraded to suit. Virtually no modern cars use drum brakes, least of all on the front of the car where most of the braking power is. Updating the brakes on your VW should be considered mandatory for any car that is driven regularly. The Standard Beetle or Karmann Ghia drop spindle front disc brake kit lowers the front suspension 2.5" while maintaining the factory ride and steering which is a plus for those looking to drop the front end a bit over stock."
  • EMPI's 2.5 inch drop spindle front disc brake kit is double-drilled 5x205 (wide-5) and 5x130 (Porsche pattern) and fits Link Pin front end Beetles and Karmann Ghias from 1954 through 1965. This disc brake kit will give your classic VW the stopping power of modern brake technology. The disc brake kit includes new 2.5" drop spindles, front rotors, calipers & pads, brake hoses, bearings & seals, mounting hardware and instructions. Pressing out the original link and king pins is necessary when installing new link pin spindles. Replacement king pins and link pins are available in the options above along with disc brake kit specific grease caps. Note that the front track width will be increased by about 5/8" over stock. Meaning the wheels will sit out 5/16" farther per side than stock.
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Part #: 22-2925

Many restorers are switching over to VW disc brakes through our VW disc brake conversion kits. Disc brakes are far superior to the original VW drum brakes, which is why so many manufacturers have switched over to them. Installing disc brakes on your VW Bug will make your vehicle safer, as the disc brake design reduces the chances of overheating and fading that is more likely to happen with a brake drum system. 

 If you have made changes to your Beetle, such as increasing the horsepower or the size of the wheels, or if your original VW brakes aren’t working efficiently you may need to convert to the disc brake system. 

Converting to VW disc brakes? On this page, you’ll find 4- and 5-lug front disc brake conversion kits for most years of the VW Bug. Our VW front disc brake conversion kits will help improve the safety of your VW Beetle. 

We offer brake conversion kits in the 4 x130 lug pattern and the 5 x 205 pattern. Our conversion kits may include disk brake rotors, calipers, brake pads, brackets, and mounting hardware for your air-cooled VW.