Cover, Emergency Brake Handle


  • 1946-1979 VW Beetle & VW Super Beetle
  • 1956-1974 VW Karmann Ghia
  • 1961-1973 Type 3
  • 1973-1974 VW Thing
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Part #: 311-327A-BK
Emergency (Hand) Brake: Removing and Installing the Emergency Brake Lever:

To get at the hand brake parts the front seats and the floor covering must be taken out. Then the brake boot cover is removed. The boot cover keeps debris out of the area. If the hand brake boot cover is torn it should be replaced. You will see the lock and adjusting nuts that can then be removed from the emergency brake cables.

Next, locate the circlip at the brake lever pin and remove it. Now heres how to remove the brake lever: without depressing the button push down on the lever itself, toward the base. The hand brake lever will then lift out along with the ratchet. To remove the hand brake ratchet mechanism you will then press in on the brake button.

Before installing disassemble the lever and clean and grease all parts then reassemble. Put back the brake ratchet part so that the recess fits over the lever and the teeth are engaged. Finally the lever can be reinstalled. Grease and install the brake lever pin including the circlip. Reattach the cables with the nuts. Install the emergency brake boot cover and replace the front seats and floor covering.

Important: Do a test of the hand brake under safe conditions.

Removing and Installing the Emergency (Hand) Brake Cables:

Per the above instructions remove the hand brake. The rear wheel and the brake drum, then the brake shoes must be removed. Then the cable clip can be detached from the back plate. Pull the cable and its guide hose out of the back plate and the cable guide tube.

Before installing a new hand brake cable check the length of the new cable against the original brake cable. Make sure the cable and the guide tube are clean and that the cable is greased.

Do a road test of the emergency brake system under safe conditions.