For: Volkswagen Beetle Convertible Tops
A Package Special: A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Vinyl Cleaner & Protectant. Plus Raggtopp Convertible Top Plastic Window Cleaner and Protectant Kit. Plus the Natural Horsehair Convertible Top Cleaning Brush
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Part #: RT-Vinyl-PKG-MTMFG
We carry premium convertible tops made by a specialist in German replacement tops and they have been installed in many prize winning Beetle restorations.

Beetle and Super Beetle top restoration will likely require other parts under the top. These include the headliner, top cables, wood top bows, etc. These top restoration items cannot be evaluated until the old convertible top is stripped off. Therefore, please browse through this site to read important information about top cables, wood top bows, convertible seals, etc.

Be especially aware of the importance of the right parts for the rear window repair or replacement which you will find at "Convertible Rear Window Parts." There is a restoration advice section on that page with very important information about the Beetle convertible rear window.

If you want to try to retain the old headliner and you have faith in the padding between the headliner and the top, then start with the top, the cables and the installation booklet and go from there. We will be happy to consult with Beetle and Super Beetle convertible owners to help determine needs and to configure a convertible top restoration package that is applicable.

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If you already know that you will need the headliner and the padding, as well as the top and cables, then go to 'Convertible Top Package Specials' and order a complete package.

We keep our inventory in top parts very full so we can quickly ship you any items that you may need.

During checkout you will have a large message box in which you will have plenty of room to specify year, color and fabric choices and to write in any requests.

About top fabrics: Haartz pinpoint vinyl is the choice of a majority of our customers.
It is a classic topping and was original to many classic American and foreign
convertibles. Canvas topping is the most durable and elegant. The butyl rubber
central core of this fabric helps make it both durable and flexible.
The vinyl topping might be more cost effective because of the large premium price for canvas toppings.