For: Volkswagen Beetle 1947-1967 Sheet Metal
Complete Heater Channel for Right (Passenger) Side

VW Beetle 1955-68

This heater channel comes with outer rocker, running board fastening panel, and bottom plate. This is the complete unit imported from Denmark. The heating channel is the critical
lower body piece running across the bottom of the car from the front firewall along the
bottom of the door to the front of the rear fender well. The heater channel holds the ducts
under the back seat, the front floor vent and the defroster hose duct. The floor pan bolts
to the heater channel nut plate and the running boards attach to the side nut inserts on the
channel. You must master the techniques in our dvd before installing a heater channel. Not
a simple job !!


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Part #: 95 11 00 2