For: Karmann Ghia Carburetor
Carburetor, 34 PICT-3 with 12V choke
for both generator and alternator systems.
This replaces the 34-PICT-4 and has the correct
fittings for non-California models. Comes with gasket for 1600cc engines.

VW Beetle 1971-74
VW Karmann Ghia 1971-74
VW Bus 1971
VW Thing 1973-74

For best results, we recommend that you DO NOT use a "009" mechanical advance distributor with the 34-PICT carburetor. The "009" Bosch mechanical advance distributor does not advance until the engine RPM's have increased, but the Stock (or near stock) Beetle/Ghia 1600cc engine with stock carburetor requires advance the instant the throttle peddle is pressed. With a "009", this results in a large flat spot (or hesitation) when you leave a stop sign. This is not a problem with the carburetor and CAN NOT be fixed by adjusting the carburetor.
For the very best results we recommend that you purchase a new Vacuum advance distributor at the same time you order you new carburetor.

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Part #: 113-129-031K
There is a very nice you tube video
on rebuilding air cooled carburetors.
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We offer a carburetor rebuild kit which has
the required replacement parts.