For: Volkswagen Beetle Bug Me Dvds
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 1, General Maintenance. 1 Hour of easy to follow instruction, Including:

Valve & Clutch Adjustment, Fan Belt Replacement & Adjustment, Spark Plugs, Distributor, Carburetor Maintenance, and Much Much More!

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Part #: Volume 1
These are just a few of the letters from people who are getting in on the fun of working on their own beloved Volkswagen!

Dear Rick,

I ordered your Vol. 1 Bug Me Video recently. I was a little hesitant when I ordered it and therefore decided to only order the 1st. volume to check it out. My primary concern was in respect to what the quality of the video would be. Well it arrived this morning and I have just finished watching it. WOW!!! It exceeded my expectations! The information was excellent and easy to understand. Especially the way you walk us through each step. And my initial concern about the quality of the filming was laid to rest. The video was clear, lighting was perfect and the pictures were sharp and in focus. I am so pleased with the quality of the video, depth of information and how you present it that I just wanted to take a minute to write and say excellent job and thanks. I plan to order Volume 2 and any and all future volumes. Keep them coming. The motivation to buy this type of video is simple. I can afford to hire someone to do this work on my Bugs (59 & 63) but then I miss out on the enjoyment and pleasure that one gets from knowing you did it yourself. Working on the car ourselves is an important part of the enjoyment for us auto enthusiasts. Thanks again! Sincerely,

Greg D

Absolutely LOVED the first two videos. Can't wait for the rest. Would like more information on the Automatic Stickshift stuff. Maybe a separate video, maybe just incorporated more in the others. Regardless, the videos were great.