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For: Convertible Tops Accessories & Tools
A Combination Pack of RAGGTOPP Brand Canvas Cleaner & Protectant
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Part #: RT-Canvas-Combo

Most top installation requires the stapling or tacking of top fabric into the framework (folding top frame.) This can also be done the old fashioned way with a tack hammer and upholstery tacks, but the most efficient way is with a power stapling gun and a supply of stainless steel staples. We have packaged two lengths of staples (1/4" and )3/8"

You would rent or purchase a stapler that accepts the staples you use.
(All our lengths will go into the same stapler. The stapler is chosen according to the standard width which is the same for all our staples.

Contact Cement:
Fabric is cemented to the frame with contact cement. We offer a pint can, with brush, of the type
used by professional trim shops. This will be a sufficient quantity for all top work.

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