For: Volkswagen Beetle FENDERS and FENDER PARTS
114 Pc Stainless Steel Bolt & Washer Set
Completes 4 Fenders
Hex Head Style

All VW beetle and VW Super Beetle

Set includes 36 each of fender bolts and
compression wave washers.

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Part #: 5-0032
Fenders from "third world" sources have displaced the earlier suppliers. The current fenders, mostly from Brazil, are very adequate. Curvature and thickness have proven to allow good mating to the body and the fenders are sturdy.

A consideration must be shipping. These items require oversized boxes and special handling.

The UPS warehouse people are not pastry chefs ! Customers occasionally receive fenders with scratches or dings. These are usually minor but can offend some customers.

If you are in the northeast we can arrange for special shipping that will save you over what the site may quote you in the shopping cart. You might call us on fenders to obtain the best shipping quote available.