Volkswagen Thing Steering and Suspension Parts

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1965-77 STD Beelte
1965-77 Ghia
1965-77 Thing
VW Thing
Part #: 131-701-565



Illustrated Step by Step Instructions on Steering Wheel:
Removing and Installing: Horn Button, Steering Wheel,
Steering Column and Tube

Useful for all air cooled VW

VW Thing

Ground Straps

Ground Straps

Ground Strap for Steering Shaft Coupler

VW Beetle (Standards) 1946-77
VW Thing1973-74

VW Thing
Part #: 111-971-246

Shock Absorber Accessories

Shock Absorber Accessories

Upper Shock Absorber Mount Grommets. Complete Set.
For both shock absorbers.

VW Beetle (Standard) 66-77
VW Karmann Ghia 66-74
VW Thing 73-74

These VW Upper Shock Mount Grommets install on the upper shock mount stud.
They isolate the shock from the upper mount at the beam.
The 4 piece grommet set installs above and below the beam at the left and right side.
VW Thing
Part #: 131-435



Empi Steering Box

Manufactured in Brazil in an ISO 9001 Certified Facility Using All New Components. These Steering Boxes Have Been Installed, Tested and Proven on EMPI's Fleet of Type 1 and Type 3 VW's All Units are Filled with the Proper Amount and Grade of Grease.

Type 1 50-77 Exc. Super Beetle
Ghia 56-74
Type 3 62-73 T
Thing ( Type 181 ) 73-74
VW Thing
Part #: 98-4156-B
Steering Damper.

VW Beetle (Standard) 60-77
VW Karmann Ghia 60-74
VW Thing 73-74, Cofap Brazil

VW Thing
Part #: 113-425-021
Steering Shaft to Box Rubber Coupling

1950-78 Beetle
1956-74 Ghia
1962-73 Type 3/Thing
1980-91 Vanagon

VW Thing
Part #: 251-419-417B
Tie Rod End Boots
Set of 4

VW Beetle and VW Super Beetle 66-79
VW Karmann Ghia 66-74
VW Bus 66-79
VW Vanagon 80-92
VW Type 3 62-74
VW Thing 73-74

VW Thing
Part #: 131-835B
Torsion Arm Seals. OEM German.
Set of 4.

VW Beetle (Standards) 66-77
VW Karmann Ghia 66-74
VW Thing 1973-74

VW Thing
Part #: 131-129

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