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Volkswagen Thing Heater Cables and Parts

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Heater Cable Rubber Sleeves. Pair.

VW Beetle & VW Super Beetle 1950-79
VW Karmann Ghia 1956-74
VW Thing 1973-74
VW Type 3 1962-74

These tubes encase the heater cable.

VW Thing
Part #: 113-411

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Barrel Clamp, Accelerator and Heater Cables
(carburetor to accelerator cable and  heater cable to heater box lever)

Volkswagen Beetles and SuperBeetles 1961-79
VW Karmann Ghia 1961-79
Volkswagen Bus 1960-79
Volkswagen Type 3 1961-74
Volkswagen Vanagon 1980-93
Volkswagen Thing 1973-74

VW Thing
Part #: 311-129-777
Heat Exchanger Clamp Kit (Lever Kit)
Right (Passenger) Side

VW Beetle 63-74
VW Super Beetle 1971-74
VW Bus 63-71
VW Karmann Ghia 63-74
VW Thing 1973-74

This is the heater box lever kit. It actuates the butterfly that opens
heat flow from the heater box into the car.

VW Thing
Part #: 043-298-148A

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Heater Cable to Main Heater Box. Cars With Fan.

VW Beetle & Super Beetle 73-74
VW Karmann Ghia 73-74
VW Thing 73-74
VW Type 3 66-73

This heater cable is for use with cars with blower fans.
Fits from heater operating lever to heat exchangers.

If your car has no blower fan then order 111-711-717A.

VW Thing
Part #: 133-711-717

Heater Box
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Heater Channel Mount Kit
4 Pieces

1966-1979 VW Beetle & VW Super Beetle
1963-1971 VW Bus
1963-1974 Karmann Ghia
1973-1974 VW Thing

Set of four new steel mounting tabs. Perfect for
replacing stock tabs broken off heater boxes or
custom fabricating your own, when heater boxes
have been eliminated.

VW Thing
Part #: 3359

Volkswagen Thing parts for the following years: 1973 & 1974
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