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Bug Me Dvd: Volume 10, Electrical Troubleshooting. 3 Hours of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Battery care, Starting & charging system, Convert from 6v to 12v, Replace turn signal arm, Replace ignition switch, Learn how to solder

VW Bus/Vanagon

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Part #: Volume 10
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 2, Pull Motor & Clutch Service, 1 Hour of Easy to Follow Instruction, Including:

Pull Motor & Replace: Clutch, Release Bearing, Crank Seal, Rear Mounts & Clutch Cable

VW Bus/Vanagon

   More About Volume 2
Part #: Volume 2
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 3, Type 1 Complete Engine Rebuild. 2 hours 38 min. of easy to follow instruction, Including:

Tear Down, Clean Up, Inspection & Assembly.

VW Bus/Vanagon

   More About Volume 3
Part #: Volume 3
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 4, Brakes. 1 Hour 45 Minutes of Easy to Follow Instruction, Including:

Brake Shoes, Wheel Cylinders, Brake lines, Disc brakes, Master Cylinder, Drums and Rotors, Emergency Brake, Wheel Bearings & Seals

VW Bus/Vanagon

   More About Volume 4
Part #: Volume 4
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 5, Transmission Replacement. 1 Hour of Easy To Follow Instruction on Transmission work, Including:

Swing Axle & I.R.S., Replace Axles, Shift Housing, C.V. Joints, Rear Axle Bearing & Grease Seals

VW Bus/Vanagon

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Part #: Volume 5
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 6, Floor Pans. 1 Hour 45 Minutes of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Repair, Replacement, Remove Body & Basic Welding

VW Bus/Vanagon

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Part #: Volume 6
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 8, Type 4 Engine Rebuild With Jake Raby. 3 Hours of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Tear Down, Inspection & Assembly

VW Bus/Vanagon

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Part #: Volume 8
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 9, Wiring. 2 Hours 40 Minutes of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Wiring Harness Protection, Identifying Individual Wires & Terminals, Changes Over the Years 1961-79

VW Bus/Vanagon

   More About Volume 9
Part #: Volume 9
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 1, General Maintenance. 1 Hour of easy to follow instruction, Including:

Valve & Clutch Adjustment, Fan Belt Replacement & Adjustment, Spark Plugs, Distributor, Carburetor Maintenance, and Much Much More!

VW Bus/Vanagon

   More About Volume 1
Part #: Volume 1
Bug Me Dvd: Volume 7, Heater Channel Replacement. 1 Hour 40 Minutes of Easy To Follow Instruction, Including:

Heater Channel, Lower Door Post, Lower Quarter Panel.
Includes Beetle and Super Beetle convertible reinforcement rails work.

VW Bus/Vanagon

   More About Volume 7
Part #: Volume 7



Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 Packaged Together For Extra Savings!
VW Bus/Vanagon
Part #: Bug Me-PKG

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Important Information
These are just a few of the letters from people who are getting in on the fun of working on their own beloved Volkswagen!

Dear Rick,

I ordered your Vol. 1 Bug Me Video recently. I was a little hesitant when I ordered it and therefore decided to only order the 1st. volume to check it out. My primary concern was in respect to what the quality of the video would be. Well it arrived this morning and I have just finished watching it. WOW!!! It exceeded my expectations! The information was excellent and easy to understand. Especially the way you walk us through each step. And my initial concern about the quality of the filming was laid to rest. The video was clear, lighting was perfect and the pictures were sharp and in focus. I am so pleased with the quality of the video, depth of information and how you present it that I just wanted to take a minute to write and say excellent job and thanks. I plan to order Volume 2 and any and all future volumes. Keep them coming. The motivation to buy this type of video is simple. I can afford to hire someone to do this work on my Bugs (59 & 63) but then I miss out on the enjoyment and pleasure that one gets from knowing you did it yourself. Working on the car ourselves is an important part of the enjoyment for us auto enthusiasts. Thanks again! Sincerely,

Greg D

Absolutely LOVED the first two videos. Can't wait for the rest. Would like more information on the Automatic Stickshift stuff. Maybe a separate video, maybe just incorporated more in the others. Regardless, the videos were great.

Pat B

Your innovation with these videos should be applauded. For those of us who are not VW "literate" these videos would be a welcome addition to our "tool boxes". Andy

A Navy "well done" for your volume 2 video; --I am definitely interested in #3: Lance

There are very few things in life that exceed my expectations to the good, But guys I just received my video and it is excellent. I can hardly wait to get to work on the old dubber. Please put me on your list for any other videos that you have available. I think that the one I just received is very well done and look forward to getting more.

I think the video series is awesome. I'm glad finally someone thought about it!!!

I can't believe it only took one day to get my video. Rick did a great job. Although my 66 bug is running great and I don't see me tearing down the engine soon, I feel that the video covered everything in a manner that I can easily follow. I only have one question! How many clean shirts did Rick change into during the filming??? I can't believe he tore down and rebuilt a engine without getting that shirt dirty. My wife would like a video on that alone! Thanks again! Great video and Great service. Dave R

Hello, I placed an order for the first 6 videos. I am extremely pleased with them, I have recommended them to all of my VW friends. When are the other videos going to be available? Also, I heard that you will be making a type 4 video is this true, and if so, when will it be available? Thanks.


Hello! I just wanted to check and see if there were any new videos coming off the presses soon. We have the first six, especially interested in Vol 7,8, and 13, but would get others as well. Would make a great Valentine's gift, so would appreciate a note back. We have a 69 bug, and I gave my husband your videos for his birthday, I cant begin to count how many times he's watched them. They are definitely awesome. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks, Dawn B.

Rick and Family,

Just a quick note to say "THANKS"...Again!!!! I've been viewing your videos and have had great success with working on my own 1960 Bug with the information provided by the videos...but didn't realize how much money that I have already saved, so I called a local VW shop here in Central California just to ask how much a simple "tune-up" would cost. The shop owner answered all my questions and broke down what a "tune-up" consisted of, of course EVERYTHING on the general maintenance video covered what was to be done by the shop. So after the breakdown the shop owner quoted me a price of $148.50, plus $20-50 for parts!!!!!! OUCH!!!!! So, by purchasing your video and doing all the work myself..... I saved a BUNDLE!!!!! THANKS...Again!
Keep up the good work!!!
Ryan O

Rick, just got your brakes and floorpan videos and they are superb! I know you and the family are working on the rest of the series and I would like to know your guesstimate on the convertible top release date. I'll be ready to start working on my top sooner than anticipated because of the great help from the other two videos I've already received and relied upon. Thanks again to you and your family.

I just watched your video on pan replacement and was very happy with the quality and instructional value it contained. You make every aspect of this job look as though anyone with even limited mechanical skills could carry it out. And for someone like me who likes to do all my own work on my 69 bug, I believe this is the best money I've spent so far towards my restoration project. My only question is; my channels need to be replaced and I was wondering if it's wise to attack the pans first and do the channels later or to do both jobs at once while the body is off the chassis. And will we see a video on that subject anytime soon? If so, I'll wait to see that one before I begin the project. Again, thanks for your series and I can't wait to order the other videos to place among my most valued tools. A fellow Vdubber, Scott Rick

I just wanted to let you know that the videos are fantastic. I purchased volumes 1 through 5 and have watched them all. They are fantastic! They were exactly what I was looking for in an instructional video. I'm a Finance Manager in the TV industry and the content and production quality of the videos is excellent. I feel confident that I can do almost all of the maintenance and restoration that I have planned for my '69 Beetle from here on out. I'll still need to make the occasional trip to the local VW machine shop, but the savings on labor charges for maintenance and restoration I can do myself will pay for the videos almost immediately. Thanks again, Kevin

Dear Sir, I received the tapes I ordered last week and viewed Volume #3. I want to commend the tremendous job you guys did making the video. Even though I have overhauled several VW engines, your video points things I did not think about. Regards, Jay

Bug Me Video #7 - A Review
The latest offering from Rick Higgins and family is billed as "Heater Channel Replacement". While it does this expertly, it is also a fine primer for patch panel installation and preparation. In this video, Rick and sons, demonstrate a variety of methods for replacing rusty heater channels in a Beetle. Rick covers everything involved in replacing the old channel, from removing the seam sealer to drilling the spot welds and prepping the areas in the car for the new channel. Rick takes care to support the area around the door frame, and covers all aspects of welding and fitting the new heater channel into the vehicle. Additional time is taken to demonstrate what's involved with the special considerations that a convertible Bug requires. As in their other videos, the Bug Me team doesn't leave out Super Beetle owners and covers an issue or two that they will face when replacing the heater channels. The real surprise comes in the way that patch panels, welding, and other miscellaneous patching is covered. These portions alone make the video well worth the money. Chad and Wade Higgins do a great job cutting, fitting, welding, and finishing a variety of patch panels, including a door post section around the lower hinge. Anyone with a vehicle that requires some patching and welding will benefit from these portions of the video. As in all his videos, Rick's calm, methodical delivery makes any task seem simple. This delivery doesn't come easy, however. Sit through the short run of credits at the end of this video and you'll first see Rick put the finishing touches on a nasty, rusted lower panel on a convertible Bug. Sit a little longer and you'll see at least a dozen out-takes. You'll get an idea how hard this family works after seeing the same two-minute piece done eight times. This one-hour, forty minute video no doubt took hundreds of hours to produce. It's effort well spent. As with all the Bug Me Videos, by the time you press that eject button on your VCR, you feel like you really learned something. You have the sense that you can do it yourself. Patrick B

Rick, Chad and Wade I just finished watching videos #1 through #7. The tapes were well done and easy to follow. You make it all look so simple. I think I'm ready to attempt the body-off restoration of my '72 Beetle. With the tapes as a guide I am confident it will be a success. Dave H

Rick, I received my package of 7 videos yesterday, what quick shipping! I've only watched the first two and I am very impressed. I just wanted to convey my great thanks to you and the videos you've created. I would be very interested in purchase more of the series when they become available. A video on the electrical system would be great if you are taking requests. Right now Am fighting with a crazy electrical system on a '75 super beetle. Do you sell any other VW or otherwise products? I only ask because I'll be a customer for life! Thank You again, John

Hey Rick, Just finished replacing both heater channels and both floor pans in my 68 Bug! Couldn't have done it without you, Wade, and Chad and 2 GREAT videos! Thanks again! Could you add me to your list and let me know when your suspension video is complete? I would like to tackle this next. Thanks! Ben

Hi Rick, I am very happy with your service. I am really happy with the quality of the tape were really good at covering every point and different models etc. So if anyone overseas ever had any worries about your product and service you can use my email as a reference and they can ask me.! thanks Rick
David Wan Australia

Rick , The video is great, thank you for marketing such helpful information. Hugh

Rick I really enjoyed videos 7 and 8. They tell me exactly what I wanted to know and soon I will weld in the new floor boards and replace the heater channels. The door post repair information is exactly what I needed to see to fix my rust spots on my 70 beetle. Thanks again, I'll send you some pictures when we finish. David D

Hi Rick Well I just got done fixing the clutch in my 1970 vw bus. Now this is a job I would have never done by my self. I have never pulled an engine of any kind in my life I'll be 52 in March next year. You have with no doubt the best video on repairing VW's there is!!!!!!!! My wife, and friend Sharon, (and Sharon let us use her garage God bless her) were both impressed with your video's also. I had the bus in the shop not 5 months ago. to fix the trany throw out bearing arm , they put that in and clutch disk, and new clutch cable ,rubber seal around the engine. And that cost me almost $700.00 . Then they said on the invoice the presser plate is bad. But didn’t ask me if I wanted it replaced. That was actually what was wrong with it this time. I only put about $70.00 worth of parts in today. I also bought a dolly , jack and stands, a tool to pull the gland nut, and spline line up tool, (but now I have all the tools to do it again with) Your two videos and the total of that was right at $200 .So I saved $500 Yea!!!!!!! and the job was done right. It took me about 6 hours to do it this time , being my first time. Next time I should be able to do it in 3 hours. Thank you so much, your videos are awesome! Bart & Chris

You can order the videos from Rick @ Bugmevideo, tell him you are in Europe and he will send you the Euro version that will play on your normal VCR... that's what I did and the videos are BETTER than ANY manuals I have seen. You can actually see how certain things are done. It's like having a mechanic instructor right next to you. They aren't very expensive either. (For the value of the advice and help they offer) Jan / RAMVA news group

Dear Mr. Higgins, Received the video today. Thank you very much for the prompt shipping. I watched the video today and find it is well produced and highly informative. I have owned many VWs over the years, but never did a pan replacement before. This video sure fills in the gap in my VW knowledge in this area. Westyman

Rick, Chad, and Wade, You guys are a god send. I've never seen a better video on auto mechanics step by step guide. They are worth double what you charge. Thanks for making it easy for us old volks. Chuck

Hi Rick, I viewed Video One (Tune-up) Last night, Congratulations to you, and special thanks for such step by step instructions, and clear picture presentation. These videos will help the VW owners to do their own repairs and save money. I want to let you know how grateful I am for these video Instructions, I will certainly e-mail you if I have any questions. Harry D

Hi Rick I received the videos last Wednesday, and have watched them both at least 2 times through. They are well planned and executed, and valuable tools that will help save many cars. Thank You! John LF

Thought all of the videos were great especially volume 6. Great help in restoring my bug Thanks. wez

To Rick, Bug Me VW Repair & Maintenance Videos: I'm the kind of Volkswagen guy that knows how to do an oil change, a tune-up and maybe adjust the brakes. But when it comes to doing some of the more involved stuff I usually take my Super to my local garage and open my wallet. Bug Me Video has come the aid of those of us that want to do more but don't really know where to start. Better than your average shop manual these videos walk you through such everyday things as an oil change to a valve adjustment and right up to a complete motor rebuild. Rick really knows his Volkswagens and these videos are very professionally done. He comes across as a very friendly guy that you would see on any of those hot rod or car maintenance shows on television. I know after watching these videos I will definitely attempt more of the repairs myself. The good thing is you pick the video that you are interested in. The titles include general maintenance, brake maintenance, complete engine rebuild, pull motor/clutch, transmission replacement and many more. A good place to start would be the general maintenance video which covers oil changes, adjusting the brakes, tune up, adjusting the clutch, setting the timing and lots more. Even if you already work on your Vw I'm sure you could still learn a thing or two from these excellent tapes. "Four Air-Cooled Cylinders up" for the Bug Me Videos! Wayne Dean- SuperBeetles.Com

Rick Got the video and it is PERFECT. gave me more info than I expected. got it on Monday and I have watched it 3 times now. I left you positive feed back on eBay. thanks again. Keep making those videos!

Steve Hey, I bought some of your great videos already. I am waiting for a tape on maintenance on the auto-stick transmission. Ed

I would like to say I love your videos. I have the T4 rebuild, Heater Channel, & Floor Pan videos and would like to see the Interior, Glass & Transmission rebuild also the T4 to Upright conversion is high on my list. Thanx for a great Product Chuck

I just bought the heater channel replacement video. It was an excellent video full of information, made me feel a lot more at ease about tackling such a major job. Thanks, Jaime

I received the tape on Saturday I will most likely order the rest of them in the future. It was a great tape. Thanks again, Dave

Rick, I just wanted to say "Wow, without your videos, we never would have been able to build this motor!" We put the VCR in the garage and went through the process step-by-step. If we didn't understand something, all we had to do was hit rewind. We put the motor together last weekend and spent Sat. putting it into the car. It took all day because we were putting in a new oil-cooler, a new tach, and rewiring the engine. We fired it up about 10pm Sat night and it sounds great. Everything in the motor is new and your video enabled us to avoid the typical pitfalls of building a motor. Since this is the first VW motor we have ever built, we are thrilled with the way it came out. Once again I really want to say how great your videos are and how much they helped us to get our car ready for the next race in Ridgecrest on April 13th. Matt Shuss

Rick, thank you!! I received both the video and the T-shirt today. I've watched the first half hour of the video and already feel that when I head back to the garage, I can get started on those channels and have the confidence of doing it. I'll let you know when the new channels are in! Take care. Brian

Rick, I've purchased 6 of your videos and have found them to be invaluable. I'm not mechanically inclined and couldn’t do anything with John Muirs book, not even a tune up. But with your video's I've been able to do all my own maintenance and stop paying mechanics that were not doing a good job. Thank you. Chris K

Hi Rick Just a note to say hello, and hope you and your family is well. I’d just like to say that my family and I had a wonderful time (even my 5 year old son) watching your out takes at the end of tape number 7. There was about 20 minutes of endless takes where you and your sons made a few bloopers. Now I know why your videos are so well done. It’s worth the extra effort. I thought it was a matter of just film, but it’s like a proper filmmaking. Regards, David Wan Australia

Rick, I received the tapes and I was so impressed that I called your son and ordered the complete set. They help motivate me to get working on my old collector Beetles. Thank you. Rick G

I just got the remaining tapes (all of them) and it's like going to school but at my pace. I plan on building my own engine. Once again thanks for the tapes, there're worth every penny. Rick G

Just finished watching videos 6 & 7. I've rebuilt engines, replaced transmissions etc. but had no clue on repairing pans. Thankfully, my 56 sunroof doesn't need a heater channel replacement, but I now know how to do a pan-off restoration and/ or replace the portion of the pan under the battery. The videos were very well done and definitely worth their purchase price! Dave

Hi, I just got the videos I won from your auction and have to tell you that they are top notch, way above what I was expecting. Thanks, Nik

Thanks, I just finished all of them last week. I can't wait until the transmission one comes out. I really appreciate these. I have learned a great deal. Trevor

Rick, I have recently purchased Video's 2, 4, 5, and 6. May I say they are quite informative and very well made… Thanks Ken G

Hi Rick, The tapes came as we were getting ready to leave on a buying trip. When I got home from work, Jim was watching #3. He is really enjoying the tapes. We hope to get the other tapes later. Thanks again, Elaine

Hello Rick, The Video reached me yesterday. I enjoyed it very much. Perfect, now I think I can get my Bug back to the Street. Thank you very much. Many aircooled greetings Holger /Germany

I just finished putting in new pans in my 70 conv. Thanks to your video it was very easy, much faster than trying to do it without the video. Thanks, Tim

Hi, I just finished replacing the heater channels, rocker panels, and fender well supports on my 71 ghia vert. Your heater channel video really showed me what to expect and pretty much everything it needed to do the job. Good stuff. Regards

Rick, Hey...its me, Konstantinos. Just wanted to say I got the videos and saw them and they are GREAT. I can’t thank you enough for having made these and putting them on the market. Keep it up...I will be buying more as time and cash allows ;) Thank you and HI. I am doing a full body off restoration to my 1963 Bug and I am at the point where I have to remove and replace my transmission. I just bought your Bug Me Video #5 and just got finished watching it. I can see that your video is going to really help me since I have never done this before. I do have a question about the torsion plate... Thank you in advance for answering my question, and thank you for making these videos. My money was well spent! Michael

Rick, I just wanted to say thanks for the engine building info that you provide on the video! I am a first time builder and have my case being line bored right now, but can't wait to get it back and get started, after seeing you video! You make it seem so simple! I had a VW shop tear it down for me, so I didn’t know what to expect once I started rebuilding it myself! It looks like it is gonna be a blast! Thanks, Keith

Hello, I just bought your #6&7 videos and find them absolutely wonderful. Can these be available in CD form soon? The kids keep using our VCR and a CD would be great on our computer. Thanks, B.

I was so happy to receive the video's so fast and that night I watched video's 1,2,3 and I was amazed at what I saw I am 48 yrs old and have been doing VWs off and on since I was 19. I learned quite a bit more watching your video. I feel a lot more confidence now than ever before. I am so pleased that shortly I am going to order the rest of the series. I would like to know how you built the starter to start the motor on the ground. Thank you very much.
Mike P

Rick, I find your videos very helpful; it seems that makes a difference once you see procedures visually compared to following manuals. I have learned a great deal because of your videos. I am looking forward to your video on my fuel injection system. I have found some literature, very informational, but I would truly like to have your video on Fuel Injection, the L type, and soon! Thanks for your time and I appreciate your business and your kindness.

Rick, Just wanted to express to you many thanks for making these great videos. I have the first five and plan to order more. In your interview Jan 2003 VW Trends you expressed concern that if VWs ever died out everyone would be out of work. I can tell you that with people like you in this fantastic industry it will never die. After three years of my car sitting in my garage I recently started the final phases of restoring my 55 oval and with your videos it will be so much easier. Good luck in the future and hope you feel better. Sincerely, Scott

I just finished watching your heater channel video for the second time. After watching it I thought it would be great to have another one of your wonderful videos walking me thru the steps of replacing the front and rear aprons. Id almost say I’m addicted to these videos, makes me want to go out and do stuff to my car even though I don’t need to or cant yet.. :) Definitely looking forward to that new one your working on.. :) Well just thought I would throw the idea out to you. Take care
Darrell P

I just wanted to take a brief moment to let you know how happy I am with the 8 video set I ordered. I cannot express my heart felt thanks to you for sharing your knowledge with the general public in such a clear and concise format. I never dreamed that the videos would be so detailed and easy to understand for the novice VW nut. I have begged, borrowed, and pleaded with individuals to share their VW knowledge with me so that I might become versed in the field of VW repair and maintenance. No one has offered the kind of information you can get from your set. It is absolutely incredible!! I ordered the set on Monday and on Wednesday they were on my doorstep. That is service!! Thank you again for offering this product. I hope you are making a profit at the price you charge because I would gladly pay double or even triple the price for the items! Glad I didn't have too however!! Teacher's salaries aren't that great!
Don Lucas

I was able to complete an engine rebuild with the help of your video #3. This was my first attempt at a complete rebuild. Can't wait to hear it purr. I need to install a TV/VCR in the garage so I don't have to keep running into the house when I am ready for the next step. My next purchase will probably be #4 and #9 when available. Thanks for a great product!!

Hey Rick
It's me again. I just wanted to tell you quickly that I am an owner of your Vol 3 video, and without the video I don't think that I would have been able to have rebuilt my motor, thanks for that. I will also be sending you a payment via Papal now for Vol. 7. So I guess you can say, little by little I will own your entire collection. Thanks Again

Rick and Family,
I learned a lot from your very professional videos. Wow!!! After watching Volumes 1 through 5, I now have the confidence to do more than just adjust my valves and general tune-ups. Thanks,
Jim L

I want to compliment you on the quality of your videos and service. I placed my order last Thursday and my tapes were at my door today. WOW! That was fast! I have 4 of your videos now and I think they are just terrific. I have little to no previous experience working on automobiles and these tapes have helped me to learn SO much. The demonstrations and explanations are outstanding. Some of the work I actually won't be doing myself... But even though, now I know exactly what the mechanics are telling me when I do have to bring it in. I love that! I look forward the next volume. Keep up the good work! Paul-David

I received the video today. Thanks for getting it to me so fast and I want to complement you on the quality of the production. Also Jake's style, knowledge, and dedication are very refreshing for what my usual experience is with the younger generation. As I get into more projects that are covered I will be buying more tapes. It's nice not to always have to reinvent the wheel. I am a happy customer! Thanks!
Abe Z

Hi, I love the videos! I have the first 5 and have successfully used them to pull the engine and replace the tranny on my 73 super. I loved the interview in trends and have been holding off getting the other videos in hopes of the DVD format Rick mentioned. Any word on when they will be available? Anyway, thanks for helping me breathe life back into my Bugs and giving me the confidence to do the work myself. Benjamin B 4/13/03

Rick and family:
We LUV our BugMeVideos. We are restoring a 1969 Beetle by ourselves, and we're really enjoying the experience. Your videos were our salvation. They are so easy to follow, so clear to understand. We really think they are terrific. Are the new videos coming out soon? We're looking specifically for Volumes 9, 12 and 13 (but we're going to buy all the new ones for future reference). Thanks for all the hard work you've put into these videos. Can't wait for the new ones to come out.
- Alan and Meagan P 4/22/03

I just received my video tape in the mail today and couldn't wait to watch it. I immediately ran into the living room and put it into the VCR. All I can say is the wait was worth it. Over two hours later I rewound it and watched it a second time. Your family has really done a fine job not on just this video, but all the rest of them. Your videos have made it possible for many people to take care of their cars and will be a great legacy for you. They are something that you should be very proud of. I can't wait until the next volume is released and I want to be first in line to purchase it. Thanks again,
Rich N 5/13/03

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